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What is Greenway Health?

Greenway Medical Billing starts with the premise that medical billing should take a proactive approach to managing the revenues of a clinical practice. Far too often, clinics take a passive approach to managing their revenues and wait for a claim to become overdue or be denied before they take action. Greenway Medical Billing takes the opposite approach. They actively follow up each and every claim until it gets cleared. The result is a 99% first-claim pass rate for clients who use the Greenway clearinghouse.  In accounts receivable, clients see an average of one-third reduction in the days the accounts stay due.


Greenway Revenue Service says that they do not merely handle the billing for their clients; they work in tandem with them to ensure that every aspect of revenue generation is looked at and improved.  The service even goes beyond the stage where the claim is paid successfully. They analyze claims, figure out the reasons for any denials, and ensure further improvements in processes to work toward an ever-improving claim payment rate.  For clients who have been with Greenway for over three years, claims management becomes so good that claim pass rates of 99% are easily achievable.

The Revenue Cycle Management team at Greenway keeps client clinics completely informed as to the state of their revenues and the payment cycles. Detailed reports are available, and these can be customized as per individual clinic requirements. There is an ongoing client education program, as well, through which Greenway passes on best practices in billing and collection.

Greenway understands that there are different nuances to medical billing for different kinds of practices, and has billing experts who are experienced in a number of different medical fields.

Healthcare and its regulatory environment are changing rapidly. Using a professional billing solution helps in staying abreast of these changes. Greenway claims that clients who have been using its medical billing solution have seen very minimal disruption in their claim management processes due to implementation of ICD-10. The impact on revenues has also been minimal. 

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