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Epicor Retail Cloud Reviews & Overview

What is Epicor Retail Cloud?

Epicor POS is primarily directed at medium and large enterprises in the retail sector. The solution is greatly used by multinational retail giants. Epicor POS is available either as SaaS or as an on-premise solution. The SaaS model ensures automatic software updates and minimum IT investment.  The solution acts as a single platform which can be accessed across devices and on different channels. The Epicor POS has built in CRM functions which incorporates customer updates, exchange and return information in real time. Epicor POS is available for mobile devices too as Mobile POS. With this solution the actual point of sale can be practically anywhere.

Key Features

The solution includes auditing, business operations, planning and managing of the core financial transactions. Epicor POS is more than an electronic cash register, it includes a wide range of features to automate and expedite business operations for the retail industry.

Customer information can be stored, managed and updated for greater personalized customer experience and interaction. With Epicor POS customer purchases can be processed faster. With customizable features, the application offers easy operations management, customer tracking, immediate product details search, historical information access, and much more.

Even if the application is disconnected from the server due to some network issue, the Offline POS app allows for normal business operations until the connection is restored. Credit cards can be processed, returns addressed, customer credit verified even without the availability of Internet. The data will be reconciled later on.

Bar Code Scanning improves the checkout counter efficiency while reducing the incidence of errors. It is also possible to get access to price changes in real time.

Epicor POS helps retailers to create a customer centric seamless shopping experience. Epicor simplifies POS business workflows through touch screen apps, customer facing displays and e-signature features that reduce the time taken for check out. Furthermore, Epicor POS can be integrated with the financial management system, inventory management and other retail-based applications.  All these features make Epicor POS the solution of choice for large retail outlets located across the globe.

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Epicor Retail Cloud Pricing

Epicor Retail Cloud - POS
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Epicor Retail Cloud Key Features

Sales Management Features
  • Sales tracking
  • Real-Time Dashboard
  • Track Sales on Mobile
  • eCommerce Store
  • Sales channels
Reporting Features
  • Total sales
  • Net sales
  • Sales & Inventory Reports
  • Dashboard & Custom Reporting
  • Secure cloud backup
Epicor Retail Cloud Features Details

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