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What is Epicor?

Epicor Data Analytics (EDA), powered by Phocas®, helps companies turn their data stored in Epicor ERP into actionable insights. Non-technical users have instant access to data, taking them from easy-to-read dashboards to lightning-fast grids to detailed transactions in a few clicks or taps. With deeper insights into potentially massive amounts of their current and historical data, companies can grow by reducing cost, identifying new opportunities, supporting specific programs, and speeding up decision-making.

EDA is an easy-to-use service in the cloud that can quickly start contributing to your business while helping you avoid error-prone approaches such as spreadsheets and manual calculations that often waste time and resources. It also stays up-to-date with the daily changes of your business and can send you an email when any conditions meet your “red” or “yellow” alert level settings.

EDA provides customizable and interactive dashboards to make it easy to analyze the data inside your business systems. The dashboards provide visual graphs, charts, and tables, so you can quickly review important information about your business performance and make informed strategic decisions. The EDA grid is where you conduct most of your analysis, and unlike a spreadsheet, you can “drill down” into the data with a simple click to reveal additional levels of detail.

EDA is a comprehensive end-to-end service delivered and supported by Epicor. It is fully integrated with Epicor ERP, using your data to provide a broad understanding of your business performance. In addition to logging into EDA dashboards, your co-workers have the options of seeing a live data display via your published public internal dashboard URLs or alternatively, they can log in into and explore an embedded view received via email or in a webpage from you. With EDA, you also have responsive mobile access to your data, so you are never disconnected from your information. “Always connected” means you can respond quickly to the needs of your business and keep your organization highly productive. As a cloud-based service, EDA minimizes cost impacts on your current system hardware, software, and maintenance budgets.

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