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What is FleetWave?

Chevin produces two separate fleet management software solutions. The first, Fleet Wave, is an entirely web-based fleet management system designed for enterprise level-customers. The other, RoadBASE is a desktop, Windows-based software that's aimed at small to mid-sized fleets.

Unlike many other fleet management systems, the makers of RoadBASE recognize that not all managers have Internet connectivity at all times. RoadBASE can be adapted to your specific industry and organizational needs without extensive reprogramming. Modules include workshop management, accident management, and contract and leasing management.

FleetWave, on the other hand, embraces the web-only model, and is a best fit for larger companies, with multiple nodes of managerial control. Features that go beyond the solid foundation that RoadBASE offers include: a driver expense and authorization system, a selector tool for configuring replacement vehicles, the Maintenance Control Center, the Manager Approval portal, and the vehicle sales auction tool to make this sale and liquidation of fleet vehicles significantly easier.

Chevin Offers even more solutions than just Fleet Wave and RoadBASE. Mile Post is a cloud-based software that allows managers to control the mileage on fleet vehicles. it also provides an avenue for streamlining damage reports along with managerial approval (and escalation, if necessary).

Lastly, Chevin offers Product Management Consultant Services. This in-depth, one-on-one consultant service will connect your management team to a dedicated project manager. Your Chevin Project manager will walk you from project initiation all the way to final live rollout of your fleet services. Relax with a single point of contact throughout the project, secure in the knowledge that should you have a question, you can simply pick up the phone or email.

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FleetWave Key Features

Reporting & Analytics
  • Data Analytics
  • Executive Summary
  • Cost Analysis
  • Driver Violation Tracking
Document Management
  • eForms
  • Alerts
Integration Options
  • APIs
  • GPS Tracking
Inventory Management
  • Equipment/Tools Management
Accident Management
  • Autopilot
Fleet Management
  • Fleet Repair/Maintenance Management
  • Engine Diagnostics
Driver Management
  • Driver Profiling
  • Driver Profiling
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