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Alfresco Reviews & Overview

What is Alfresco?

Alfresco Enterprise Content Management allows users to integrate all of their existing processes, websites, applications, and profiles into one easy-to-use management system. Through the platform, users can extend content, customize messages, and get more value out of how and where they are represented across the entire Internet. This platform is designed with teams in mind, to allow you to go from a basement start-up to a full-fledged collaborative corporation. Employees can all easily access and manage content, download additional content, create custom workflows, store content in a cloud-based library, and access the multiple modules Alfresco has to offer.

Alfresco divides its services into three tiers, which are each better suited to a specific type or size of business. Alfresco One is the enterprise content management solution for high-traffic businesses who need features like content encryption and analytics. Alfresco in the Cloud is better for collaborative teams, allowing everyone to access real-time documents and files, and eliminating the need for any physical software installation. Finally, the Alfresco Community Edition is for techies who want to fully customize their Alfresco experience. This is the Open Source platform that gives users the chance to add to the development and research of Alfresco.

Alfresco’s optional modules include a document management system, the ability to use reports and analytics to customize your web presence, an Outlook integration tool, access to 24/7 tech support, and even consultations and other professional development services from either Alfresco or one of their many certified partners. All of the tiers include access to the Alfresco mobile apps, allowing users even more opportunity to view and manage their enterprise and content, no matter where they are. Get reports and notifications right on your phone to keep your finger on the pulse of your business through Alfresco’s many ECM services.

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Alfresco Key Features

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  • 24/7 Support
  • APIs
  • Outlook
  • Salesforce
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Alfresco Reviews

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  • Great features of shared file and team collaboration.
  • The interface could be better, unlocking all the functionality and features available to you takes the usability some time.

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