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AdvancedMD Reviews & Overview

What is AdvancedMD?

AdvancedPM is a medical practice management solution from AdvancedMD, ideally suited to manage the business aspects of a medical practice smoothly and efficiently. The solution handles every aspect of managing a practice and ensures that every action taken is efficient and cost effective. ICD-10 support is built in natively, which improves billing. A high-quality patient portal and scheduling system ensure minimum patient wait periods and high service quality, thereby improving patient loyalty. The system also incorporates all the features of paper-based super bills to ensure that billing is quick, accurate and follows familiar methods.


AdvancedPM is a comprehensive practice management solution that goes a long way toward making medical practices efficient. A key USP of the system is its ability to integrate multiple kinds of data into a common view so that a user gets detailed information about the work she is doing. For example, in the view for patient information, a single screen shows detailed patient demographics, her primary and secondary insurers and outstanding balances – both for the patient and her family. It is only natural that working with this information will make the practice more efficient in its operations.

The solution instantly verifies the insurance coverage and validity of a patient.  On-demand verification is available and an interesting feature allows users to look ahead and check the coverage for future visits as well. Verification data is immediately entered into the patient’s file without any additional action required.

The system goes on to improve patient care and practice bottom lines by keeping close track of appointments in the future, and the patient’s compliance with these. Alerts can be created for follow-up treatments even as the physician is seeing the patient, and timely reminders are sent to ensure that no-shows are minimized.

The solution can be customized extensively and practices can use their preferred formats for charge slips and other documents. This minimizes the learning curve and speeds up return on investment.  A large number of reports are pre-defined, but can be customized. These reports and dashboards ensure that critical data about the performance of the practice stays available to administrators. 


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AdvancedMD Key Features

Support Features
  • Online Chat
  • Atlantic Health Partner
  • WebPT
  • Visual Clinic
  • AAPC
Patient Management Features
  • Patient Medical History
  • Patient Billing History
  • Patient Portal
  • Insurance Information Details
  • Patient responsibility estimator
  • Patient Eligibility Information
  • Online Patient Scheduling
  • Patient Record
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  • Capturing all visits is possible, prompt payment.
  • Lack of an EHR, moving anything to a presentable format takes hours of tedious MS Word work, and the sales team is dishonest when advertising the software’s abilities.

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