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What is AdvancedMD?

More than 500 billing service providers use the AdvancedMD Medical Billing solution. The solution allows practices to manage their entire claims processes from a single portal. Many manual processes are converted to automated ones, markedly improving workflow. The ClaimsCenter module creates automatically generated worklists and tracks the status of each claim individually. A very large number of checks are run to ensure that each claim is scrubbed and the possibility of errors is minimized. The solution also tracks the individual claims processing requirements of a number of payers to further improve the probability of first-pass claim payment.


With a very sharp focus on individual claims and the requirements of paying agencies, AdvancedMD medical billing guarantees a first-pass rate of 95% or more. The solution carries out a very large number of checks on every single claim to ensure that claims are correct and stand an excellent chance of being cleared in the first attempt.

The solution integrates closely with EHR solutions to ensure that the billing process starts as soon as the encounter with the patient ends. No double data entry is required, and there is complete transparency of the process and the progress of each claim.

As claims are generated and submitted, the solution generates worklists automatically, which contain elements where manual intervention is required to scrutinize and edit claims that have been returned or flagged to contain an error.

AdvancedMD Medical Billing comes with a ready-to-use-module that enables you to generate collection letters automatically. Letters are customized to individual recipients and practices no longer need to use a third-party collection service to handle bills that become overdue.  If a practice requires, the solution can also be integrated with a collection agency and the billing rules can be configured to write off a defined proportion of bills.

The system also allows practices to create payment plan groups that can be addressed together, and check claims for issues specific to each group before forwarding the claims for processing.  This customization further improves the possibility of first-pass claim settlement. 


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