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AdvancedMD Reviews & Overview

What is AdvancedMD?

AdvancedMD EHR solution is focused on making medical practice workflow more automated and efficient while simultaneously improving clinical accuracy and patient healthcare.  The solution takes advantage of state of the art cloud technology to minimize the requirement to have multiple data sources for practice management, scheduling and billing operations.  Overall, the focus has been on making the solution simple and easy to set up and use.  AdvancedMD can be customized precisely the way practioners like to work, so that there is no loss of productivity and the need for additional training is minimized.  


AdvancedMD comes with a large selection of mobile tools and a module that is called the “HealthWatcher”: this tool is built specifically to manage the overall health of patients, besides the illness episodes that brought them to the practice or hospital in the first place. HealthWatcher looks at potential preventive health management to ensure a more holistic patient care.  It also looks at patient health trends over time so that practitioners know at a glance if patient health is improving or not.

The solution is highly customizable and allows users to create the kind of workflow that suits their practice.  Documentation had been a sore point with doctors and the complexity of maintaining patient records during a busy day has been a turn off for many. This has been made painless with AdvancedMD. Processes are flexible and configurable and allows practioners to work the way they are most productive.

Advanced MD can work with a number of third-party tools, as well as with many other tools made by the parent company. This allows practices to choose the tools that they are comfortable with, for example dictation tools. The note designer allows users to change the layout of note templates to mirror their familiar layout, so that no one needs to adapt to an unfamiliar system. Customization does not end with notes, physicians can configure patient charts exactly the way they want. Using a layout that they are familiar with enhances productivity further. Every user can create their own custom view of charts to suite their particular preference. 


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AdvancedMD Key Features

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  • Free Cancellation
  • Month-to-Month Option
  • Customizable Plans
  • Reduced Price for Multiple Users
Support Features
  • FAQs Section
  • Tutorials
  • Telephone Support
  • Email Support
  • 24/7 Support
  • Online Chat
  • Forum
  • Customized patient charts
  • Automatic transcription of medical notes
  • Insurance information
  • Medication list
  • Problem list
  • Allergy list
  • Patient history
  • Test results
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  • Using it is easy, it is cheap, and the support team is good.
  • Very terrible printing-ridiculous interface to word.

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