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What is ADSC?

MedicsPremier is a proven and reliable medical practice management solution that works powerfully to keep the practice running efficiently. It ensures that claims are complete, ICD-10 codes are used (although users can select ICD-9 if required in some special cases) and claim processing is fast. The scheduler integrates many different parts of the practice to ensure workflow is fast and efficient, and productivity stays high. A built-in audit trail ensures that user activities are tracked and bottlenecks are located and resolved. All data can be accessed in real time and a large number of built-in reports offer administrators the ability to see how their practice is performing. 

MedicsPremier works with a well-designed patient data management system that makes patient data available to authorized users without any delays or searching. This saves time and improves efficiency. Modules for checking patient eligibility are comprehensive and go a long way in ensuring that claims are clean and complete from the beginning. The solution provides several specialty-specific modules, which makes the solution more focused and easier to use.

While there is an independent revenue cycle management solution, MedicsPremier also lets administrators track their claims and shows where each claim is in the payment queue.

The solution offers modules to manage sales separately from billing for medical procedures. This allows practices to expand their list of offerings and open additional streams of revenue. These modules also handle taxes, look after inventory and have all the necessary features for efficient inventory management. An unlimited number of tax IDs can be handled. This allows users to create a different line of business (for example a pharmacy) but manage it from a common portal.

The scheduler that comes with MedicsPremier is especially powerful. It can be used for the most basic appointment scheduling and can also go on to accommodate complex scheduling for patients who need to visit multiple physicians over multiple days. Management of patient workflow is smooth and efficient and information flows automatically to those who require it. This ensures wait periods are minimized and patient comfort improves.

Company:Advanced Data Systems Corporation

ADSC Pricing

ADSC Medical Practice Management
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ADSC Key Features

Scheduling Features
  • Staff Scheduling
  • Out of network alerts
Patient Management Features
  • Patient responsibility estimator
  • Demographic Information
  • Pre-appointment batch eligibility
Medical Billing
  • Payment Reports
  • Copayments
  • Separate Tax IDs
  • Sales tax calculations
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ADSC Reviews

Pros & Cons Preview
  • I didn’t see any pros except the price.
  • Reports are inaccurate,lack of communication and reminders don’t work.
  • They hardly admit that we do have any issues.

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The Average Usability score for the Practice Management category is 7.0

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