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MicroMD PM is a full-featured practice management software with an impressive history of more than 25 years of progressive innovation. The application is published by Henry Schein, Inc. – a company that has been committed to medical services provision since 1932 and is currently the largest distributor of healthcare products and services to office based practitioners in North America and European Markets. The system comes with a comprehensive scheduling, electronic patient intake, billing component, claims management system and reporting tool among other functionalities. The system serves more than 2,700 medical practices, community health centers and billing services and outranks most of its leading competitors in the market.


MicroMD PM features a robust Electronic Medical Record Software which enables practices and clinics to eliminate paper work thus enhance clinical productivity and overall care. The EMR module is highly flexible and adaptable to any size of practice. Users of this component will enjoy an integrated system with seamless information flows as well as high process accuracies and reimbursement protection. The EMR is available either as client-server or scalable web-based ASP software both securing error free medical processes

The system also comes in the form of a cloud-based practice management and EMR solution which is more cost effective and best suited for small and mid-size practice. This alternative eliminates the cost of hosting in-house servers, software purchase, installation and maintenance and large human resource. It employs Microsoft® Server Technologies, MicroMD cloud Based PM and EMR enjoys one of the most secure and modern computing innovations and environment which guarantees practice privacy and safety.

MicroMD PM adoption is also a sure way towards securing Meaningful Use attestation and eventually incentives. With MicroMD user monitoring services and close-up trainings, subscribers achieve MU quickly and efficiently. In addition, MicroMD is ICD-10 compliant and Version 10 of MicroMD PM+EMR comes with complete ICD-10 functionality which eliminates time wastage in transitioning. This system simply meets all the standard market requirements, a prerequisite for practice success. 

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MicroMD Features

Targeted Users
Medical Billing Centers
User Authentication
Role-based access
Manage access permissions
Scheduling Features
Access Control & Audit Trail
Patient Management Features
Patient Billing History
Document Scanning
EHR/EMR Integration
Insurance Information Details
Electronic data interchange (EDI)
Insurance card tabs
Duplex card scanning
Medical Billing
Transparent audit tracking
Centralized billing
Expert Billing
Auto-Post Payments
Group NPI Billing
Payment Reports
Claim Management
Claim Scrubbing
Insurance Eligibility Verification
Administrative notes
Reporting and Analytics
Financial Reports
Administrative Reports
RBRVS Reporting
Payment Audits
PQRS reporting
Ad-hoc Financial Reporting
Reporting and Analytics
Data Mining Reports
Audit Reports
Practice Management

MicroMD Pricing

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