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What is Praxis?

Praxis EMR is a cloud-based EMR solution that is quite unlike any other and offers very innovative features and concepts. The Praxis EMR Concept Processor studies and learns the behavior of individual physicians and anticipates their actions. As the system gets more exposure to how each physician works, it gets better at predicting next steps and helps physicians get more efficient. The system also offers real-time tools to ensure that all actions are taking the practice closer to the requirements of Meaningful Use. Praxis EMR doesn’t use templates, but trigger-based workflow automations that work far better and adapt to future use.  

Key Features

A key feature of Praxis EMR is the Concept Processor. This works on the assumption that, over time as their expertise grows, individual physicians tend to specialize in a given type of medical practice and tend to handle similar cases more and more often. The Concept Processor works in the background to analyze the cases the physician handles and the notes, advices, charts and prescriptions creates. As the Concept Processor database gets populated, it is able to place new patient cases in any of three slots:

  1. Identical to a case seen before
  2. Similar to a case seen before, or
  3. Unlike any case seen before

Based on the classification, the Concept Processor will use text and instructions used before to predict and fill the documentation of the present case. As the size of the database increases, the prediction gets better. Once the system is up to speed, physicians can save as much as 2-3 hours/day.

Another innovative feature is the use of ‘agents’ rather than templates. Agents are triggers that a physician places on a chart. The agent will come alive based on certain conditions and perform the actions it is tasked with. Once an agent is placed on a certain type of chart, it will automatically show up on all other similar charts thereby saving the physician even more time. 

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Praxis - Editors Choice 2024


Praxis Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 15 December 2023

Efficient Medical Practice

Choosing Praxis EMR has proven to be a transformative decision for my solo medical practice. The software's robust functionality has exceeded my expectations, providing an unparalleled level of control and efficiency in managing patient charts and streamlining various tasks.

  • Praxis allows me to be in command of my charts, providing a level of control similar to paper charts but with the practicality of an EMR
  • Unlike other EMRs, Praxis enables me to adjust encounter templates effortlessly during a patient visit
  • Their commitment to addressing concerns promptly contributes to a smooth and reliable user experience.
  • Learning curve as I continue to explore and uncover its full functionality.

Reviewed on 1 December 2023

Seamless Efficiency with Intuitive Functionality

This powerful tool not only supports my daily workload but significantly enhances the efficiency of my practice.

  • Its intuitive design mirrors the way a physician assesses a patient and creates a note
  • It streamlines the note-taking process, allowing for the creation of thorough and clean documentation without unnecessary complexity
  • The seamless integration with Dragon, a voice recognition software, enhances the software's versatility
  • Physicians can efficiently transcribe spoken words into text, further expediting the documentation process.
  • None.

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Praxis EMR
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Praxis Key Features

Medical Practice Management Features
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Procedure Codes
Patient Management
  • Treatment Planning
  • Discharge Planning
  • Transition Care Management (TCM)
  • Patient Referral Management
  • Patient Education Tools
  • Refills Processing
  • Send to Pharmacy
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The Average Wheelhouse score for the Electronic Medical Records category is 8.6

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