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So many fleet management systems focus on tracking vehicle location and performance, and there's no doubt that's critical information to have. But modern businesses need to do more than that. Today, fleet managers need to keep their fleet up to date with the constantly changing landscape of ...


So many fleet management systems focus on tracking vehicle location and performance, and there's no doubt that's critical information to have. But modern businesses need to do more than that. Today, fleet managers need to keep their fleet up to date with the constantly changing landscape of the transportation industry.  

Teletrac Fleet Director goes beyond location and navigation to deliver solutions to the complex and challenging problems of modern fleet management. If you’re a fleet manager or business owner, then you need a solution like Teletrac to equip your fleet for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Fleet Director from Teletrac combines data and safety analytics along with compliance requirements and dispatch input to create a conceptualization of your fleet that goes far beyond simple GPS location. With Fleet Director you’ll make smarter and faster decisions, reduce overhead, and boost customer satisfaction.

Some of the many features of Teletrac’s Fleet Director include:

Vehicle Diagnostics: Identify potential issues with your vehicles and equipment before they become costly job stoppers.

Teletrac Drive: A live navigation and messaging app that keeps your dispatch in the know, and your drivers in compliance.

Safety Analytics: Use Teletrac’s comprehensive metrics and dashboard to track vehicle safety and driver conduct. Stop potentially hazardous behavior before it has a chance to grow into something more serious.

Electronic Driver Logs: Ditch those metal file cabinets filled with coffee-stained and half completed paper logs. Bring your DOT compliance into the 21st century with Teletrac’s electronic driver logbooks.

Customizable Reports: All the data in the world is useless if you can't understand it or you can't communicate it to the rest of your team. Teletrac provides standard and customizable report templates that you can use to convey complex concepts in easy to understand fashion. Use them to plan strategically, or to make a case for budget adjustments.


Teletrac Navman

  • Route Management
    • Respond to Traffic and Cancellations
    • Ensure Compliance with Legal Requirements
    • Identify Deviations from Planned Routes
    • Mileage Tracking
    • Create Routes and Plans
    • Plan Pick Ups and Detours
  • VMRS Coding?
    • Yes
  • Dispatch Management
    • Asset Optimization
    • Long Haul Routes
    • Compliance Management
    • Route Recommendation
    • Emergency Vehicle Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
    • Driver Performance Analysis
    • Identify Saving Oportunities
    • Optimized Scheduling
    • Optimized Dispatching
    • Best Use of Cargo Space
  • Tire Management
    • Scrap Tire Analysis
    • Manage Tire ID
    • Manage Original Equipment Tires
    • Tire Mounting History
    • Tire Mileage
    • Wheel Alignment
    • Tread Wear Record
    • Tire Rotation Record
    • Tire Failure Data
    • Tire Shelf Life
  • Maintenance & Support
    • Preventive Maintenance Schedules
    • Engine Diagnostics
    • Repair Management
    • Manage Engine Alerts
    • Track Engine Performance
    • Track Maintenance Expenses
    • Generate Maintenance Logs
    • Export Data to ERP/ Accounting System
  • APIs
    • Yes
  • Electric Vehicle Management
    • Manage Battery Charging
    • Allocate Priority of Charging
    • Minimize Charging Costs
    • Track Distance Travelled
    • Reimburse Home Charging
    • Economic Driving Records
  • Service Terms Offered
    • Commitment Free
    • Free Cancellation
    • Month-to-Month Option
    • Customizable Plans
    • Reduced Price for Multiple Users
  • Compliance
    • DOT
    • OSHA
    • CDL Certificates
    • Audit Trail
  • Inventory Management
    • Track Invoices
    • Read Bar Codes into Inventory
    • Print Bar Code Labels
    • Tracks Parts Issued
    • Generate Part Use History
    • Manage Component Warranty
    • Generate Reports on Inventory Use
    • Manage Part Lists
    • Predict Part Demands
    • Track Warranty - Days and Miles
    • Generate and Follow Up Purchase Orders
    • Check Parts Received
  • Rates Management
    • Allow Third-Party Shipment
    • Allow Third-Party Quotes
  • GPS & Location
    • Assist Maintenance Schedules
    • Create Route Library
    • Optimize Routes
    • Send Routes to Vehicle GPS
    • Support Two Way Messaging
    • Improve Customer Service
    • Vehicle Position Update
    • Integration with Google Maps
    • Detailed Activity Reports
    • Detailed Exception Reports
    • Smartphone Access
    • Add Landmarks
    • Create Restricted Zones
    • Detect Driver Behavior
  • Safety & Security
    • Create and Manage Safety Policy
    • Assign Inspection Responsibilities
    • Black Box Event Recording
    • Detect Unsafe Driver Behavior
    • Vehicle Safety Issues
    • Safety Training Program
    • Accident Analysis
  • Industry
    • Freight
    • Taxi
    • Local Deliveries
    • Third-Party Logistics (3PL)
    • Private Shipping Fleets
    • Government/Military
  • Fuel Management
    • Track MPG per Driver
    • Track Idling Time
    • Best Local Price for Fuel
    • Integrate With Fleet Cards
  • Accident Management
    • Record Harsh Braking
    • Rapid Acceleration
    • Vehicle Use Outside Authorized Hours
    • Panic Button Operation
    • Engine Performance Alerts
  • Driver Management
    • Violations
    • Driver Quality of Life
    • Driver Loyalty
    • Driver Training
    • Driver Scheduling
    • Driver Profile Management
    • Driver Habits
  • Support Features
    • FAQs Section
    • Tutorials
    • Telephone Support
    • Email Support
    • 24/7 Support
    • Online Chat
    • Forum
    • In-Person Training
    • Social Media
    • Knowledge Base


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