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GSMtasks allows fleet managers to analyze their mobile workforce’s performance and make adjustments on the fly. Key data is provided in a visual fashion, from a live map showing the location of vehicles and assets to speeds and fuel consumption. GSMtasks provides real-time updates of the job status and vehicle performance.

Use GSMtasks' drag-and-drop controls to easily and intuitively make changes to your fleet plan, and push them out to your drivers in the field. And with GSMtasks' ability to integrate with other workflow systems software, you will be able to create a seamless transition from CRM, to warehouse inventory, to sales and invoicing.

One of GSMtasks' advanced features that customers quickly learn to love is their integrated Route Optimization Software. Quickly discover if your drivers are wasting time, either from old habits, lack of information, or negligence. GSMtasks' factors in deadline times, job locations and road conditions, length of time required at job site, and end-of-day target location. With these considerations worked into the algorithm, GSMtasks' Route Optimization Software quickly assembles the ideal worker a drive time and route and can push it out to field employees, or allow you to make modifications.

Another advanced feature is the GSMtasks Field Service Management Software. With this software package, you'll be able to sort time slots for your workers and allow them to track completion time on their mobile devices. Stop worrying about messy and easily damaged paper documentation, and start spending your time on the tasks that really matter.

Whether you're looking for a solution that will allow instantaneous and easy management of your workforce, or one that will provide easy to understand, visual feedback on your chosen metrics, you owe it to yourself to check out GSMtasks Fleet Management Software.

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GSMtasks Features

Support Features
Email Support
Fuel Management
Integrate With Fleet Cards
GPS & Location
Vehicle Position Update
Integration with Google Maps
Concealed Installation
Detailed Activity Reports
Detailed Exception Reports
Smartphone Access
Add Landmarks
Create Restricted Zones
Detect Driver Behavior
Assist Maintenance Schedules
Create Route Library
Optimize Routes
Send Routes to Vehicle GPS
Support Two Way Messaging
Improve Customer Service
Manage Route History and Replay Routes
Integrations & API
TCO & Lifecycle Management
Mobile App
Essential Maintenance Management
Hosted by RTA
Mileage Interface
Image Viewer
Dashboard Bundle
RTA Messenger
Shop Scheduler
Mobile Route Optimization
Inventory Management
Manage Inventory Location and Storage
Maintenance & Support
Automated Routing
Private Shipping Fleets
Scheduled Driver License Renewals
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