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ARI is a fleet management solution that sits at the fusion of technology and human oversight. With advanced data integration and hosted, continually updated software solutions, ARI is a tool for fleet managers who are ready to push their vehicles and personnel to the next level. From ARI's garage management system (GMS) to its vehicle remarketing program, ARI is an A to Z answer for all of today's fleet management challenges. It’s the kind of program that doesn’t just have customers—it has raving fans.

Strategic Counseling: Every client is unique, and every fleet must be assessed and treated it its own way. With ARI, you can continually lower costs and identify and exploit efficiencies across your fleet operations. When you work with the ARI Strategic Consulting Group, you will have a partner to identify your key objective and deliverables. After an in-depth investigation the ARI Consulting Group will deliver a final, detailed report that lays out recommendations for your organization along with a detailed plan for implementation. 

Vehicle Management: ARI can assist with supply chain management, licensing and compliance, leasing acquisition, fuel cost determination, maintenance scheduling and implementation, accident management, and vehicle remarketing. Whether you're at the point of obtaining your first vehicle or considering how to liquidate an obsolete fleet, the professionals at ARI are ready to help you make the best decisions for your business.

Driver Management: Every business is a people business. In order to put your company’s best face forward, it is essential that your drivers be selected with care, properly trained, properly tracked, and be incentivized for the best possible behavior. With ARI, you can take the uncertainty and gray areas out of the equation and implement an unbiased, universal driver management system.

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ARI Fleet Features

Support Features
Social Media
Dispatch Management
Emergency Vehicle Management
Driver Management
Driver Scheduling
Driver Profile Management
Driver Habits
Safety Statistics
Fuel Efficiency
Driver Quality of Life
Driver Loyalty
Driver Training
Integration and software development
Do Not Disturb
Time Logging
Fuel Management
Track MPG per Driver
Track Idling Time
Best Local Price for Fuel
Track Engine Efficiency
Integrate With Fleet Cards
GPS & Location
Image Viewer
Inventory Management
Manage Part Lists
Predict Part Demands
Track Warranty - Days and Miles
Generate and Follow Up Purchase Orders
Check Parts Received
Track Invoices
Read Bar Codes into Inventory
Print Bar Code Labels
Tracks Parts Issued
Generate Part Use History
Manage Component Warranty
Create Alternate Part List
Manage Inventory Location and Storage
Generate Reports on Inventory Use
Parts Management
Inventory Tracking
Tool Checkout
User Assignments
Accident Management
Vehicle Use Outside Authorized Hours
Rates Management
Allow Third-Party Quotes
Allow Third-Party Shipment
Electric Vehicle Management
ARI Fleet

ARI Fleet Pricing

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