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The E2 Shop ERP is a business management solution developed by Shoptech LLC. It is an all-in-one enterprise resource planning, and job-based manufacturing software package targeting small to medium sized business entities. The software’s history dates back to 1984. It was developed based on actual shop floor experience whereby both the shop owners and their customers actively participated in its creation. From inception to date it has undergone numerous upgrades with the core development team continuing to play vital roles in making transformational changes to enhance the product.                          

 Its features include:-

  • Making detailed quotes for potential vendors/customers. This also includes corresponding estimates or generating less-detailed quotes that satisfy immediate customer concerns.
  • Shop floor control
  • Manufacturing scheduling software
  • Auto Computer-Aided Design (CAD) integration.
  • Routers and Support used by ISO manufacturers.

Product Highlights

Most users applaud the application for various reasons. They include:-

  • It is easy to use i.e. financial accountability and Human Resource Management.
  • Applicable to industries such as metal fabricators, electronics, and assemble to order.
  • It is Windows-based and uses “Point and Click” for convenience, and eliminating keyboard reliance.
  • Fast speed, flexibility, and power.
  • Based in over 6000 shops worldwide.
  • Shop owners simultaneously have adequate control of all shop activity aspects, and managing profitability.
  • User-friendly- easy to train new employees on how to use the software. It usually takes less than a day.
  • The manufacturing accounting software is:-
    • Compatible with QuickBooks, and maintains QuickBooks’ Gold Certification.
    • It analyzes cash flow and finances, payroll, accounts payable/receivable, and general ledger entry.
  • The manufacturing scheduling software assists in:-
    • Preventing production line, or machinery bottlenecks.
    • Displays shop data over adjustable timelines. Machines or employees usually organize the information.
  • The manufacturing inventory software allows:-
    • Automatic generation of quote orders.
    • Tracking changes in due dates, and adjusting the dates to accommodate the changes.
    • One-click job packets production i.e. material lists.
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JobBOSS² Features

Project Management Features
Quality Control
Estimating and Costing
Manufacturing Control Features
Manage Engineering Workflow
Quality Control
Labor and Costing
Document Control Features
Document Management & Version Control
Plant Maintenance
Scheduled Maintenance
Financial Management Features
Receivables and Collections
Cash Management
Supply Chain Management Features
Inventory Management
Reporting Features
Custom Reports
Automatic Reports
Ready to use reports
ERP System Management and Users
Bill of Landing (BOL)
Order Management
Forecasting & Budgeting
Mobile App

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