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Blue Jeans Network is a cloud-based solution that offers video conferencing services. Its users find it easy to host video meetings in high-quality resolution. It connects many participants through different devices and supports various business and consumer endpoints. It allows participants to join...

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I love Bluejeans!

The audio and video quality calls are incredibly effective, the naturally existing gap in communication between the offshore and full time designers has been eased by this software, and collaboration with the offshore group is possible courtesy of BlueJeans. The bandwidth consumed by BlueJeans exceeds the normal consumption.

Good conferencing tools

When installing platforms and servers for our clients, we communicate with 30 of them (disparate) every month. Also, every day, we use it with our infrastructure team. Smooth presentations, exceptional quality of audio and video, Extremely slow and inaccurate remote control, the platform at times requests you to setup the software making people get puzzled yet the web interface is quite faulty.

Meet now or schedule your meeting and access full suite of collaboration features including file sharing, recording, whiteboarding, annotation, chat and meeting minutes.

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