AI 101:
The Best Ways to Begin Using AI in Your Business

AI technology is becoming a strong force in the business software industry, and more applications of AI are surfacing as companies begin to embrace it in creative ways that enhance their existing software offerings. 

As a result, more businesses than ever before have access to powerful AI technology that can help automate, streamline, and enhance many aspects of business, from communication to lead gather and business intelligence. 

Since AI has assumed a much more prevalent role in business recently, you’re probably aware of the technology, but if you’re like many of the business owners and executives we advise, you may not know where to begin using AI in your business.

Here are some of the best ways you can start incorporating AI into your business. If you’re using modern business software solutions in your company already, some of these AI-powered tools may even already be accessible to your business. 

Virtual Assistants

AI technology powers the popular “smart” assistants that many people use for a variety of reasons in their personal lives, from entertainment and learning to organization and planning. Virtual assistants can be beneficial in the business environment as well, providing employees with another tool for organizing and planning out their day as well as keeping up on important to-dos and other tasks related to their work. AI technology can learn patterns and schedules and help employees stay organized and on-task.

Virtual assistants are easy to implement, and even come standard on many smart devices and computers, so taking this first step into AI for your business is quite simple. 


Chatbots are another AI-powered technology that many companies are leveraging to improve lead conversions and bolster their customer experiences-all while streamlining internal operations as well. Chatbots use the Natural Language Processing capability of AI to interact with clients or customers in a natural way (so that people don’t feel like they’re chatting with a robot).

Chatbots recognize patterns and learn how to best interact with people, while answering common questions, directing people around your website to help them find exactly what they’re looking for, or transfer them to a live, human agent when needed for more complex questions or issues. Chatbots can also translate languages in real-time, which can be extremely useful in closing language barriers and serving international customers. 

Many contact center software vendors incorporate AI-chatbots into their stacks already, so you may have access to this feature already. However, there are AI technology companies who specialize in chatbots and can help you integrate a solution that will work best alongside your business goals and client types.

CRM and Social Data

Your CRM solution contains a large amount of data about your business, and AI is making it possible to glean even more insights from that data with powerful pattern recognition. AI technology is being used by CRMs in many capacities, from personalizing lead gathering and upping conversions to recognizing patterns and trends developing in a business. AI can also automate many of the processes involved in managing and nurturing leads, as well as organizing and tracking contacts and related data.

Business Intelligence

AI is already playing a substantial role in Business Intelligence (BI), and many software vendors in the data analytics field have already begun infusing AI into their solutions. AI can help recognize patterns, predict trends, and give companies a deeper view into the data driving all their important business decisions. AI also support data automations based on real-time reporting that can provide your business the most relevant analytics on all of your departments and initiatives. 

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