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WiZIQ Reviews & Overview

What is WiZIQ?

It’s the twenty-first century and let’s face it: the way that people learn has changed. Position yourself to capitalize on the changing landscape of modern learning with WizIQ, a learning management system (LMS) filled with advanced features and fully customizable administrative tools.

More and more people learn on the go, from laptops and tablets or even their phones. WizIQ is web-based and fully responsive, meaning that your instructors and learners can access it whenever they have an Internet connection, and that it can be updated just as fast as you can create new content.  

And that content creation is easier than ever with WizIQ’s full tool kit of powerful media and text abilities. Use the media options to craft courses that engage learners with text, audio, video, and interactivity. This level of engagement means that learners understand the course material better and retain it longer.

But WizIQ doesn’t stop with static content. If you choose, your learners will be able to talk to instructors in real time, either at specific class times, or during open office hours. Use this powerful tool as much or as little as you like; with WizIQ instructors and administrators are in complete control at all times.

The range of powerful tools available to instructors include extensive analytics. With a wide range of customizable reports that are ready to run out of the box, instructors and administrators can track the progress of learners individually or in groups. WizIQ provides charts and progress bars, giving easy-to-read visual cues to identify which parts of a course are effective and which ones are in need of enhancement.

By nipping problem areas in the bud and ensuring that each learner gets the help they need, you can help increase the ROI of your course while empowering your workers and staff. It’s just this kind of advantage that has helped grow the WizIQ user base to over five thousand organizations across the globe.


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WiZIQ Reviews

Pros & Cons Preview
  • Very simple to plan classes, adaption is simple even for first-time students, ability to effortlessly upload dated files (specifications of different courses to share with students), very user-friendly tools, great interactivity with students, ability to upload files any time after scheduling a class.
  • Quality of camera is not very good, the writing is not so smooth, occasionally overlapping of words occurs, and words get lost after some pages.

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The Average Usability score for the Learning Management Systems category is 7.7

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