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W5Templates Reviews & Overview

What is W5Templates?

W5Templates was created to assist small to medium size business and business units within larger corporations with their CRM and Project Management needs.  

First launched in the fall of 2012, W5T has grown from a single software solution to a total of 11+ customized solutions, all designed to help save time, money and increase your productivity. W5T is based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA),  

W5T offers a “keep it simple” approach to CRM and Project Management and believe in outstanding customer service; customer testimonials. W5T main features are: 

  • Excel-based system for conducting your CRM
  • 2 levels of assignment (Managers, Users)
  • Manager are able to add users, change permissions, see all books of business
  • Users are able only add to/edit their “book of business”
  • Excel license allows for sorting, filtering and reporting on the user’s book of business.
  • Managers required to have Excel licenses, users may be set up with or without the Excel license using the mobile app.
  • A cloud sync service securely stores the Excel information in the subscribers W5T Cloud account and then access (read, write, edit) via their web devices (Smartphones, Tablets and web interface)
  • A single (Excel) Dashboard page lets users see the big picture (macro)
  • Sorting and filtering features allow users to see the more refined view (micro)
  • A single (Excel) Settings page allows users to quickly modify the templates to meet their exact needs
  • Free mobile apps for Apple (ITunes), Android (Google Play) and Kindle Fire (Amazon)
  • Strong security and privacy of your information – security protocol
  • A great library of blog articles on CRM and Productivity topics.

Company:CRM Excel Template, LLC

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