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Vend Reviews & Overview

What is Vend?

Vend is a cloud-based retail POS, inventory management, ecommerce & customer loyalty solution for iPad, Mac and PC. Vend POS solution helps retailers to sell both in-store and online. The solution is simple to use and efficient and can work offline. Vend POS connects all the hardware (receipt printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners) installed in the environment. There is no need to invest in additional hardware. Vend POS is the right solution to use for retail stores looking to go online: with Vend, you can build an online store presence in just a couple of minutes.   

Key Features

  • Inventory management: Vend can manage inventory, monitor stock levels, send out alerts in case the stock level falls below the acceptable level and perform many other functions. It is easy to add new products, enter their details, fulfill orders and create a global view of the business operations.
  • Payment Processing: Vend accepts any payment type. Custom buttons can be created to accept cash, gift cards, and checks. The solution takes deposits, partial payments, layaway sales, and customers can pay on the account. It supports most of the leading payment gateway merchants such as PayPal, Tyro, iZettle etc.
  • Customer Management: Vend POS helps in reaching out to more customers and also increase repeat customers. The solution is mobile and can be accessed from anywhere on the shop floor. This helps in reducing queues and wait time, improving customer relationship, and better serving customers. It is also possible to create customer loyalty programs and reward schemes. Customer details and preferences are saved for better personalization and improved customer experience.
  • Product Management: Vend facilitates managing the retail catalog. With Vend, it is easy to add products, costs, details, retail prices, discounts, and other data points. Items can be grouped by parameters such as color, size, types, units, etc. Barcodes can be scanned for faster check out.

Vend solution has robust reporting engine to monitor key retail metrics, improve business operations and increase profits.

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    Pros & Cons Preview
    • Vend offers a lot of useful tools that help me in creating my inventory.
    • There is a lack of complexity though in using the software in terms of using the tabs.
    • There is a tab/layaway function we used as a workaround but not meant for this purpose.

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