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What is TeamWox CRM?

The TeamWox allows you to organize an effective working group document and avoid the problems associated with multiple projects and campaigns. TeamWox stores all information about your clients and a history of relations with them, as well as different internal documents, tasks and discussions. With TeamWox, all of this data will be concentrated in one place and available to you from anywhere in the world.  

The primary emphasis of the CRM system is to enhance the effective work of the entire company, rather than its individual divisions or departments. This improves the performance of all employees, to raise the overall efficiency of the company and reduce its costs.

As such, TeamWox CRM functionality includes:

  • Document Management: This function is intended for the effective storage and manipulation of multiple documents. Here you can store absolutely any form of electronic record, contract, statement, scanned images, etc.
  • Customer Management: You will be able to access a detailed database of all customers and suppliers, which will include information like addresses, phone numbers, and contact persons. You can also store here all documents, e-mails and discussions related to a specific customer.
  • Task Management: This module allows you to quickly give orders to employees and monitor their task execution.
  • Office staff: It will display all the information about your employees. Here you will find personal information, address, contacts (IMs, email addresses, phone numbers) and information about people in the company.
  • Social tools: TeamWox is the most convenient place for inner PR, which will you allow to bring news and company policies to every employee.
  • Analysis and Accounting: Management of any company is impossible without accurate and reliable data on the current financial state of affairs. All of this data comes in the form of management reports.

The TeamWox CRM is a system designed to optimize the management of any company. With it you can boost production processes and make them more transparent, while making faster decisions based on complete and accurate information.


TeamWox CRM Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 2 January 2019

I love Teamwox!

Highly recommended!

  • It can optimize the production process
  • Extra or nonproductive operations are excluded from the workflow
  • It saves my time of monitoring and lets me focus on the company's development.
  • It increased our working speed and thus growth
  • The costs are reduced while the productivity gets double, resulting in getting my employees and company both, more efficient and competitive.

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Customer Management

  • Case Management

Lead Management

  • Lead Generation

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  • Chat/IM
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