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TeamGantt Reviews & Overview

What is TeamGantt?

As its name suggests, TeamGantt pays prime emphasis to Gantt charts – but by making them easier to build and far more interactive. Start by creating a Gantt chart with easy drag-and-drop modules, and invite collaborators both internal and external to work together on your project. 

Apart from its primary Gantt chart capabilities, calendar views and Kanban are also available. Consolidate all activity, whether its tasks, documents or conversations within one platform - so that you don’t miss a single update.


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TeamGantt Key Features

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  • Customizable Plans
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  • Online Chat
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  • Timesheet reports
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TeamGantt Reviews

Pros & Cons Preview
  • User-friendly, innovative collaborations and integrations present for meeting personal preferences, ability to share charts without logging in, breakdown each individual activity together with allocating a deadline thereby creating a great forecast regarding timeframes needed for completion of projects, and aids in organizing projects via grouping respective tasks and subtasks.
  • There are also many demos and tutorials on how to use the software and personalized chats help the team to remain informed with the project and also interact.
  • Very expensive, the software is not so responsive, and not useable on mobile devices, and understanding the choice is hard because the companion mobile doesn't have a lane view.

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The Average Usability score for the Project Management category is 7.3

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