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Nuxeo Reviews & Overview

What is Nuxeo?

Nuxeo is a digital asset management platform that allows professionals to manage all of their digital content, from documents, audio, and video, to images, presentations, and more. Their services are divided into six modules: Capture, Search, Configure, Integrate, Scale, and Analyze. Capture allows users to easily upload and migrate all of their data into a single workspace. Search gives users the ability to filter content based on metadata or user-defined facets, as well as search with “fuzzy queries”, like proximity searches, suggestions, synonyms, and a “more like this” algorithm.

Configure gives users the ability to create and manage workflows, give permissions to other users to access, edit, download, or share files, and define certain processes that keep your assets organized in the best way for your business. Through Integrate, Nuxeo DAM offers users the ability to connect their workspace to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Adobe Creative Suite software, and other Google Cloud applications. The API allows users to create their own custom integrations as well.

With Scale, users have the ability to use NoSQL or relational databases like MySQL, to achieve powerful scalability. Finally, Analyze allows users to see how assets are used and by whom. The operating dashboard gives administrators a visualization of how their team works best, what projects have received the most attention and enthusiasm, and where changes need to be made. All of these data points can be rendered in a variety of charts to present in board meetings or employee reviews.

Nuxeo DAM products have been used by customers in the aerospace, defense and security, education, healthcare, media, travel, electronics, energy, government, and telecom industries. Their data models are constantly evolving to include more file types, larger capabilities, and more integrations. Workflows are dynamic to support shifting teams and growing companies, and because everything is cloud based, all data can be accessed from anywhere.


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Nuxeo Key Features

Records Management
  • Manage short/long term working documents
  • Manage short/long term archived documents
  • Manage electronic records
  • Manage paper records
  • Record retention policies
  • Record disposition policies
  • Usage history
  • Auto-archive
  • Records
  • Policy Management
File Sharing
  • Web-based sharing
  • Email-based sharing
Search Tools
  • Search by metadata
  • Search by keyword
  • Search unstructured data sources
Workflow Management
  • Workflow automation
Core Specialization
  • Enterprise Document Management
  • To-dos & task management
  • Project Management
CMS Portal
  • Web access (web browser)
  • Audit trails
Productivity and sharing tools
  • File locking
Team Management
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Audit logs with file event tracking
  • Version control
Media Library Consistency
  • Lock taxonomy editing
Nuxeo Features Details

Nuxeo Media


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