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What is Connect?

With one of the most recognizable names in the education industry, McGraw-Hill Connect is a learning management system that saves time for both instructors and learners, while bumping performance and retention. In fact, learners who use McGraw-Hill Connect have a 10 percent higher pass rate than those who go it alone, and the passing learners tilt to a higher final course grade.

That means that learners who take courses with McGraw-Hill Connect are more likely to complete the course successfully and with more A’s and B’s. This kind of end result is fantastic, and it’s the ultimate goal of everyone involved in training and education, but instructors and administrators will love the way that it streamlines the course creation and distribution as well.

Instructors can use McGraw-Hill Connect’s custom course creation tools to craft media-rich lessons that engage students and hold their attention throughout the whole course. Connect allows instructors to draw content from a fully stocked library of resources, along with the ability to import content as needed.

McGraw-Hill Connect Your Way offers a number of options to purchase course resources, so that learners can consume the course in whatever way is the best match for their individual learning style. The all digital version of the course is a great match for tech-savy individuals, and is the most affordable option. Digital with loose-leaf pages is an option that’s ideal for those who benefit from a binder full of content that can easily be taken out and written upon. Lastly, Connect material is also available as a digital access course accompanied with a print textbook, for those learners who love the physical heft of a book. In short, no matter how your learners study best, they’re sure to find a format that appeals to them!


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Connect Reviews

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  • Ability of teachers to tailor assignments and tests, students have study materials and interactive modules to assist in understanding content more fluently, and ability of teachers to see reports so that they can change their style and approach of teaching.
  • The interface look is quite dated, linking it as a third-party app is hard, no direct or easy way of students to converse with their professors in McGraw-Hill, and lack of a better and limited accessible types like mobile gadgets to inspire use-on-the-go.

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