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Firmao Overview

What is Firmao?

Firmao is an online CRM software that is tailored to the CRM needs of small and medium businesses in service, sales, and manufacturing. Firmao is also a great CRM option for remote teams who need centralized tools for dynamic growth.

Firmao also offers sales and company management software systems that include solutions for mobile CRM, lead management, sales, ERP, and warehousing. Firmao technical support is well-rated, implementation timelines are streamlined, and the structure of Firmao based in modules makes is easier to customize for your specific business needs.    

What are the Best Firmao CRM Software Benefits?

Firmao online CRM software provides many benefits for small and mediu-sized companies, including:

  • Improved customer acquisition times due to a centralized database of lead and customer data.
  • Increased sales conversions.
  • Complete and efficient service for current customers.
  • Improved team collaboration between departments.

What are the Best Firmao CRM Software Features?

Firmao online CRM offers features and tools customized to the needs of small and medium businesses positioned for growth. Top CRM features from Firmao include:

  • Centralized database for contacts, leads, and customers
  • Lead management tools
  • Conversion control across sales process
  • Mobile CRM tools
  • Sales process automation
  • Comprehensive customer care tools
  • Order processing and invoicing
  • Process workflows for tasks, invoices, and documents

How Much Does Firmao Cost?

Firmao online CRM pricing will depend which features and tools you need for your business. Firmao pricing packages start at $19 per user/per month. There are multiple pricing plans available based on your CRM needs and which features will benefit your business most. 

Firmao Pricing

per user / per month
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Firmao Key Features

Call Management & Administration
  • Call Back
  • Predictive Dialing
Inventory Management
  • Procurement/Replenishment Optimization
Reporting & Analytics
  • Sales Analytics
  • Cost Analysis
  • Surveys/Questionnaires/Polls
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