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What is Everteam?

Through their J2EE platform, Everteam ECM offers a complete, advanced enterprise content management system that combines a simple aesthetic with powerful features that vastly improve productivity on both a personal level and company-wide. The platform is completely web-based, meaning that users can access it from anywhere. Everteam ECM strives to create a product that is easy for users to begin using immediately, with very little training, so that teams aren’t set back by weeks of learning until they can get back to their own work. The graphic user interface is familiar and easy to navigate right from the start.

There are six main product lines of Everteam ECM’s enterprise content management system. These include “.document”, which controls and manages files; “.case”, which helps build productive workflows and manage processes’ “.archive”, which ensures that all projects are regulation compliant and fully secured with regular back ups; “.analytics”, which allows users to exploit key data points collected from the content you access daily; “.capture”, which provides notifications and monitoring; and finally, “.board”, which rounds out Everteam’s services with a totally paperless board room. Manage meetings and collaborations without needing a copy machine.

There is also a seventh service called “.ibpms”, which provides a comprehensive enterprise platform, allowing users to create, edit, deploy, and manage all of their processes. This software is available from all devices, and offers all reporting and editing on-demand so collaboration can happen in real time.

Through all of these services, Everteam ECM serves industries like energy and utilities, manufacturing, insurance, government, financial, telecom, and education. Because each of these services (except “.ibpms”) is offered as a module, clients only have to pay for what they need for their specific business. There won’t be anything cluttering up your workspace while you let Everteam ECM get your business organized.

Company:KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc.

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Everteam Key Features

Records Management
  • Manage short/long term working documents
  • Manage short/long term archived documents
Search Tools
  • Search by metadata
  • Search by keyword
  • Search unstructured data sources
  • Cognitive Search
  • Multiple views
Core Specialization
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Enterprise Content Management
Core features
  • Automatic AI tagging
Content & Accident Protection
  • Data Archiving
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