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What is Erply?

Erply POS converts any iPad, desktop or any other device with Internet browser to a full-fledged POS system that can manage inventory, process transactions and manage business activities.  The software connects the main device to receipt printers, credit card swipers, cash drawers etc. Along with the standard POS features (payment processing, workforce management, inventory tracking), it also offers over 100 insightful reports, helps create and track purchase orders, manage and track customer information, track sales history, create coupons, promotion schemes, loyalty programs, etc.  

Key Features

  • Inventory Management:  With Erply POS, it is easy to manage all inventory operations, track products and stock levels, give out alerts, transfer inventory between stores, track prices and send orders to vendors for procurement.
  • Employee Management: Workforce management becomes easy with Erply: the system helps set sales commissions, measure goal achievement, track hours of work, and even process payroll.
  • Customer Management: Erply provides full-fledged CRM functionality. It is possible to add customers, create groups, loyalty programs, create specific discounts for individual customers and give tax free option to non-profit customers.
  • Offline Mode: When installed on windows device, the solution can work offline and perform transactions without Internet connection. Transactions are processed and data synced when the Internet connection is established. The iPad version does not currently have an offline mode.
  • Barcode scanning: Erply POS can create, scan and print barcodes. It is possible to customize barcode labels too.
  • Label creation: Erply POS helps to create and print customized product labels to meet business requirements.
  • Gift Cards: It is possible to create discounts, promotion schemes as needed, and also create rules on minimum purchase amount, dates, percentage discounts, specific item discounts, etc. Gift card payments can be executed and gift cards sold to customers.

Erply can be integrated with other back office apps such as Shopify, PrestaShop and create online storefront. Doing this helps to sync the inventory management solution to Shopify’s app ($100/month).

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Erply Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 21 November 2019

This is a fantastic P.O.S. system

Erply helped make different tasks like adding SKUs, updating inventory, tracking coupon codes, and more a whole lot easier. It is a terrific software!

  • The software is powerful, user-friendly, and efficient
  • I know it can grow alongside our business.
  • There’s not enough plugins that are compatible with platforms such as WordPress and Magento.

Reviewed on 2 October 2019

Erply has been a huge help in running my business. I don't think I'll ever stop using it

It’s a lifesaver!

  • There are a couple of things about Erpy that I really love
  • First is that it is based on Cloud, this will allow me to work anywhere I want to as long as there’s internet
  • Second is its ability to draw a great amount of customer information
  • And third, the excellent reporting functionality.
  • I would like the program to have the ability to implement our own ideas or suggestions more frequently than it currently does
  • There are certain edits that we can make to help our workflow a lot but we can’t do them as often as we want to.

Erply Pricing

Point of Sale (Free)
per month
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Erply Key Features

Inventory Management
  • Item Tracking & Traceability
  • Product Catalog
  • Kitting
  • Vendor/Supplier Management
Accounting Features
  • Invoicing & Billing
  • Receivables & Collections
  • Sales & Purchase Orders
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Features
  • Customer Profiling
  • Discount/Promotion Management
Erply Features Details

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