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What is Educadium?

Educadium EasyCampus allows instructors to deliver self-paced, on-demand training to learners in a global classroom. Many leading non-profits and corporations have already embraced Edcadium’s wide range of training solutions, and if you have a need for inclusive, dynamic course creation at an affordable price, then Educadium EasyCampus may well be a perfect fit for your organization.

With tiered pricing and functionality, EasyCampus is designed to fit any budget or production need. And with SCORM support, your classes can be as detailed and expansive (or as focused and specific) as you want.

EasyCampus is a licensed, hosted service, which means that you don’t need to have a whole IT staff on retainer in order to manage it. By carrying that burden for you, the team at Educadium frees you and your instructors to concentrate on the content of your courses, and how best to serve your learners.  

Because the engineers that designed EasyCampus know that an LMS that’s unavailable is useless, they chose the amazingly dependable Amazon Web Services to host their platform. When you choose EasyCampus to host your e-learning system, then the entire infrastructure backbone of Amazon is behind your organization. And this dependability is reflected in EasyCampus’s historical numbers. Boasting an uptime of over 99.99 percent, and with offsite backups for increased security, Educadium’s EasyCampus LMS provides the kind of peace of mind that only comes from working with the best.

Once you have assurance that your LMS solution is stable, then you’ll feel free to explore all of its technical options, pushing your courses and content to new heights. EasyCampus makes it possible to achieve your course design goals with course wizards, interactive forums, quizzes, gamification, and social network plug-ins.

But no matter how numerous its options, EasyCampus never loses sight of the basic truth that an LMS that’s too complicated is an LMS that isn’t used. All of its features are presented in an intuitive and naturalistic interface, with easy-to-understand feedback and reports to help make sure your courses are achieving their desired impact. 

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Educadium Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 15 February 2019

Effortless and manageable

With our online growth, we needed an advanced hosting site. I encountered Educadium EasyCampus more than 2 years back. It has an uncomplicated interface, cooperative customer service, and refined reporting system. Though charging less than its competitors, it is not well known by many users. It stands apart from all others due to the features it offers.

  • Free trial for up to 25 users, astounding add-ons, reasonable price, nice customization, advanced reporting, integration with other tools like SCORM and AICC, awesome supporting team, and too many videos on how-to-do stuff.
  • Not easy to understand platform, too many steps to perform every task, feels like struggling to handle it
  • Difficult for new users
  • But all these cons are of minor sort and can be removed easily as their customer service and developing team, both are smart, active and considerate.

Reviewed on 7 January 2019

Auto-correcting everything

Student reporting tool is needed. Right now it is taking too much time.

  • The system is very very impressive
  • I found myself speechless and really lucky to have this with me
  • The support and service provided by customer care are out of this world.
  • It is a huge system which takes some time to be operated
  • Frequent working makes everything easy for you
  • You also need to set system well before starting it.

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Educadium Key Features

Learning Management System (LMS) Features
  • Asynchronous Learning
  • Examination Management
Course Management
  • Course Registration
  • Course Authoring
Content Management
  • Multimedia Management
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The Average Wheelhouse score for the Learning Management Systems (LMS) category is 8.4

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