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CyberArk Reviews & Overview

What is CyberArk?

CyberArk is an industry leader in Identity & Access Management (IAM). CyberArk is trusted by global organizations for identity protection and as a defense system against cyber attacks. The CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager has 100% efficacy against more than 3 million ransomware strains. Having more than 7000 customers, CyberArk operates in 110 countries around the globe. More than 50% of the Fortune 500 companies and more than 35% of the Global 2000 trust CyberArk for identity & access management.

What is CyberArk Used For?

CyberArk is a complete identity security platform that is used to secure the identities of both humans and machines from end to end. The industries that CyberArk is helping include banking, insurance, healthcare, energy, telecom, manufacturing, and federation. The solutions provided by CyberArk include insider threat protection, IoT and operational security, ransomware protection, industry and regulatory compliance, DevOps pipelines and cloud-native apps security, remote workforce access, and secure cloud workloads.

What Are The Top CyberArk Features?

CyberArk’s product Privileged Access Manager or PAM promises to mitigate risk while maximizing productivity. Following are some features that it offers to fulfill this promise:

  • Adaptive MFA and SSO: It validates the privileged users with Adaptive Multi-Factor authentication and gives secure access to business resources with Single Sign-On.
  • Remote Access: Remote employees and external vendors can access PAM remotely without VPN, agent, or password.
  • Nomadic Device Management: Even when the endpoints are not connected to the enterprise network, you can enforce security policy and use account credentials.
  • Threat Detection: The system automatically discovers unmanaged privileged accounts, detects anomalous behavior, and responds accordingly.
  • Managed Privileged Credentials: Automated password rotation saves a lot of time for IT teams and strengthens security.

What are the Main CyberArk Benefits?

With CyberArk your system gets secured against cyberattacks as the software protects both human and machine privileged identities in a tamper-resistant repository. Moreover, CyberArk also satisfies your audit and compliance needs by maintaining a fully centralized audit. A major benefit for the digital business is that you can securely authenticate users with VPN-less access using a single web portal.

CyberArk products designed for identity protection and access management are scalable, which means they are great for a business of any size. The out-of-the-box integrations enabled by CyberArk further enhance all that you can achieve by using it. Some of the important integrations include Microsoft Azure AD SAML, Amazon Workspaces, and JIT. 

How Much Does CyberArk Cost?

When it comes to selling its software, CyberArk uses a customer-first approach. To make sure that the customers get an idea of the product before they make a purchase, CyberArk offers free trials as well as demos. To start your identity security journey the right way, you can also talk to one of CyberArk’s experts who will give you a first-hand look at the CyberArk solutions. To check out the multiple integrations offered by CyberArk you can also check out the CyberArk Marketplace.

Company:CyberArk Software Ltd.

CyberArk Pricing

CyberArk Privileged Access Manager
per user / per month
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CyberArk Key Features

Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • User Provisioning/Deprovisioning
  • Contextual Authentication
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
Third-Party Integrations
  • Active Directory
Reporting & Analytics
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Risk Assessments
  • Compliance Reports
  • Activity Log
  • Audit Trail
  • Storage
  • Update/Patch Management
  • Centralized Console
  • Policy Management
  • Workflow Automation
Cybersecurity Protection Types
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Anti-Spam
  • Anti-Malware
Compliance Accreditations
  • SOC
  • Incident Response & Remediation
  • Threat Hunting
Password Management
  • Password Rotation
  • Password Strength Check
  • Vault
CyberArk Features Details

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