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OrchestraCMS Overview

What is OrchestraCMS?

Bridgeline Digital is the content management company behind the iAPPS suite of products, which offer users the ability to manage website content, sell products or services online, analyze customer behavior and market directly to your target audience, and integrate your social media presence for the maximum reach.

Through the iAPPS content manager, users can develop websites, manage menus, comments, and web forms, encourage survey participation, and utilize libraries of content for speedier content creation. It’s also easy to create helpful items like website maps and translation services to better serve the needs of customers. Advanced security tools help keep everything safe, and the content manager integrates seamlessly with Bridgeline’s other products. The products are all designed for both internal and external use, so users can manage a secure business intranet or create a public site.

The iAPPS eCommerce tool from Bridgeline Digital allows users to set up customer profiles, create a wish list function, manage shopping cart options, and provide a secure checkout experience for their customers. It also allows for integrating multiple payment and shipping gateways, product ratings and comments sections, and upsell options to keep buyers browsing. With their reporting and analytics tools, users can track what their buyers are looking for, and learn how to tailor their promotions. There is also a built-in SEO tool and advanced marketing management.

Through the iAPPS analytics software, users can dive even deeper into their customers’ habits. Find out how to target audiences with the most specific and personal content possible. Edit content in real-time to make it more useful right away, and manage page comments across multiple websites. Custom application integration makes it easy to use the entire Bridgeline Digital suite across all websites, and to develop custom apps for customer convenience and participation. Any user can create the most optimized Internet face for their brand.

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OrchestraCMS Pricing

OrchestraCMS by Bridgeline
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OrchestraCMS Key Features

Content Management System (CMS) Features
  • Digital Experience Platform (DXP)
  • Website/App Development
  • Content Lifecycle Management
Document Management
  • Document Display
  • Document Tagging
  • File Sharing
  • File Transfers
  • File Generation
Supported File Formats
  • PDF
  • DOCX
  • JPG
  • PNG
OrchestraCMS Features Details
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