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What is BeyondTrust?

BeyondTrust is a leading cybersecurity company specializing in privileged access management, vulnerability management, and remote access solutions. Since 2006, BeyondTrust has established itself as a trusted industry leader, focusing on empowering organizations to prevent cyberattacks and safeguard against data breaches. 

One of their flagship offerings is the privileged access management solution, which enables organizations to control and monitor privileged access to critical systems and data. By enforcing most minor privilege policies, this solution helps prevent unauthorized access and protects against potential cyber threats. 

Another crucial solution BeyondTrust provides is its vulnerability management solution, assisting organizations in identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities across their systems and applications. By proactively addressing these vulnerabilities, organizations can mitigate risks and enhance their security. BeyondTrust's vulnerability management solution seamlessly integrates with other security tools, such as patch management solutions, streamlining the process of fixing vulnerabilities.  

BeyondTrust offers remote access solutions, catering to the growing demand for secure remote work environments. These solutions enable employees to securely access company resources from any location while maintaining IT teams' control over resource access. BeyondTrust's innovative solutions address critical security challenges, ensuring that organizations can protect their assets and maintain a robust security posture.

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BeyondTrust Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 25 November 2023

Proficient and guarded

The remote help provided by BeyondTrust has transformed our support operations. Efficiency and customer satisfaction have increased because to its user-friendly interface and speedy performance. Smaller firms may find the pricing prohibitive, too, and there have occasionally been reports of connectivity problems.

  • Streamlines support processes, robust security measures protect sensitive data and systems and user-friendly interface and fast performance.
  • High cost and connectivity issues.

Reviewed on 2 October 2023

My go-to option for remote sharing software is BeyondTrust

A single click online meetings, file sharing, privacy support, and exceptional customization are just a few of the many features that BeyondTrust's robust remote access and management solution offers.

  • File sharing, remote sessions and customization.
  • None.

BeyondTrust Pricing

BeyondTrust Remote Support Software
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BeyondTrust Key Features

Remote Support Features
  • Screen Sharing
  • Camera Sharing
  • Attended Access
  • Unattended Access
  • Remote Session Control
  • Multi-Session Handling
  • Session Pausing
  • Session Continuation
  • Session Transfer
  • Session Shadowing
  • Screen Blanking
  • Screen Locking
  • Script Library
  • Remote Wake
  • Idle Session Timeout
  • Lock On Disconnect
Chat/IM Management
  • Group Chat
Device Management
  • Device Discovery
  • Device Control
BeyondTrust Features Details

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