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What is Asana?

Asana is a project management tool which features a centralized platform for assigning, tracking and analyzing daily operations. Scalable for any industry or task, Asana also offers multiple project views, further optimizing its centralization quotient. 

Automate repetitive tasks and evaluate the status of projects with real-time charts, so that managers can stay on top of what’s in progress, while also being proactive when potential problems are spotted.

Asana also offers hundreds of integrations to third-party applications, so that existing systems can be connected to create workflows that are all the more seamless.


Asana Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 12 April 2023

Excellent product for projects

Our team of 20 relies on Asana to track projects of all sizes. It's highly customizable to fit our specific needs and helps us stay on top of who is responsible for what

  • Asana excels at task management for both individual and team projects.
  • Setting up tasks is easy, and automatic reminders ensure deadlines are not missed.
  • The ability to set up multiple boards and view tasks in different ways (list, calendar, etc.) make it a highly versatile tool.
  • I find it cumbersome to assign the same task to multiple people in Asana, as it requires duplicating the task and inputting the same information multiple times.

Reviewed on 12 April 2023

Useful app

Asana is a fantastic tool for collaborating on projects and keeping all comments and tasks in one place. It saves a lot of time compared to using alternative methods

  • What I really like about Asana is the budget tracker and the ability to customize tasks in a way that's organized like an excel document, but with more features and ways to communicate with teammates.
  • As an administrator managing multiple tasks and projects, I find the navigation between projects and tasks on Asana to be challenging and not very user-friendly.
  • It often takes a lot of effort to locate tasks, and I end up using the search function more than the actual navigation.
  • It would be great if the platform made it easier to navigate between various projects.

Asana Pricing

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Asana Key Features

Project Management Features
  • Workflow Management
  • Goal Management
  • Portfolio Management
Task Management
  • Task Dependencies
Customizable Items
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Workflows
  • Custom Reports
  • Custom Templates
  • Custom Forms
  • Custom Branding
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