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What is Allscripts?

The Allscripts Practice Management (PM) solution works to give medical practices a comprehensive solution to increasing costs and complexities. The PM solution improves efficiencies and productivity through better management of patient flow and automation of many routine aspects. This allows clinics to avoid hiring unnecessary staff and to focus on their key responsibilities. Many administrative tasks can be scheduled to run automatically at night, freeing the staff from these activities. By improving patient scheduling, the solution helps manage physicians’ time better and keeps them more productive. The workflow can be completely customized to individual clinic preferences, keeping the learning curve shallow and increasing productivity.


Allscripts Practice Management is a cloud-based solution that helps medical practices to manage every aspect of their businesses. Being cloud based, the solution does not require its users to acquire expensive hardware or undertake complex setup. All of that is done by Allscripts in their data center. The user simply connects to the solution using any device that can connect to the Internet and support a browser.

Scheduling of resources and physicians’ time is easy and intuitive. The solution allows administrators to shift the location of their resources to cater to varying patient loads. Patients get to use a well-designed and comprehensive portal through which they can perform a number of self-service actions and update their basic information.

Executives get to use a comprehensive, but easy-to-use dashboard to view all relevant information about their practice, and can initiate steps to remove bottlenecks and areas of inefficiency. A number of rule-based workflows can be defined and fine-tuned to improve the patient flow through the medical practice. These workflows improve the productivity of staff and the quality of data sharing and communication throughout the practice.

The solution interfaces naturally with a number of billing solutions. Clinics have the option of using the Allscripts billing solution, or any solution they choose. Claims management is comprehensive and sophisticated and leads to an increase in cash flows.

Allscripts also offers a Business Intelligence suite, Allscripts Practice Performance, which works with the PM to let executives analyze and monitor the metrics that drive their practice.

Company:Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

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  • Its speed is amazing and it was fast and simple to alter a staff’s password/unlock a staff’s account.
  • It is very dated.

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