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ActionIQ Overview

What is ActionIQ?

ActionIQ is a Consumer Data Platform (CDP) that provides real-time, actionable data insights that teams can access anytime during a variety of Customer Experience (CX) processes and interactions. Top enterprise brands in the Finance, Retail, Transportation, and Media industries use ActionIQ’s Composable CDP platform to create CX growth opportunities. 

Key ActionIQ Features and Capabilities

  • Composable CDP: ActionIQ provides Composable CDP architecture that gives companies control over data storage and processing to support flexible scalability. Organizations can manage pipeline data use and transformation on this platform and quickly create new customer data attributes from stored data as well.
  • Customer Identity Management: ActionIQ offers Customer Identity Management to help organizations identify anonymous and known customer identities with data partners, perform identity resolution on existing company data, and use identity data and signals for real-time retargeting.
  • Audience Segmentation: ActionIQ provides Machine Learning tools for companies to research, customize, and activate personalized audience segments based on data insights.
  • Journey Orchestration: ActionIQ provides Journey Orchestration tools that companies can use to test journeys across multiple channels, manage customer campaigns, and deliver offers consistently across all channels.
  • CX AI: ActionIQ offers AI-based CX insights that can be used in real-time experiences for online and offline channels.


ActionIQ Pricing

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ActionIQ Pricing Details

ActionIQ Key Features

Customer Management

  • Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • Customer Profiling
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Pipeline Management

Data Management

  • Data Classification
  • Data Labeling
  • Data Discovery

Data Migration

  • Data Export
ActionIQ Features Details

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