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Daminion is a digital asset management system that allows multiple users the ability to store, access, and edit photographs, videos, and documents. While the software can be used for multiple file types, the true focus of Daminion is photo files, making it easy for small teams to collaborate on projects that need visual input. With the search function inside Daminion, users can quickly filter content by tags, do advanced searches, save searches for future use, or do a quick search for a particular keyword. Daminion also uses a built in asset cataloging tool that copyright tags each picture, so you don’t have to worry about theft.

Because it focuses on photo files, Daminion supports a huge variety of file types. Raster files like JPEG, PSD, PNG can be stored along with vector files, RAW images, video, audio, Office documents, and even PDF. Users can quickly import files from other photo management systems and libraries, and then integrate Daminion with sharing sites like Flickr or Facebook. Users can also integrate with design programs like Photoshop.

All files can be converted on demand, as they are being sent, so you don’t have to store many file duplicates within your system. And all metadata, including copyright, ownership, rights to use, and other information, is stored in the file itself. When you email a client file, everything is ready to go with a single click. Recently, Daminion released a tracking service that can show administrators any changes that are made to a file as soon as they occur, as well as a history of who has accessed the files, and when. Daminion can be used through on-site software or through any web-browser, which makes it easy for collaborators to work together no matter where the team members may be.

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Daminion DAM Features

Support Features
Office 365
Adobe Suite
Calendar Apps
Social Media
OpenText Media Management
Microsoft OneDrive
OpenText Core
Microsoft Office
plus Access
Video Conferencing
Enterprise app integrations
Mobile access
Mobile security controls
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
external systems
Creative Suite
Document Management
Custom tags
Multiple view settings
Side-by-side comparison of different assets
Preview videos in web-client
Fast preview of large images
Records Management
Usage history
Document Filing
Automatic Metadata capture
File Sharing
Document Scanning and Imaging
Automated tagging
Auto-rescan folders
GEO tagging
Search Tools
Search by keyword
dominant colors
Multiple views
Find images or similar images on the Internet
Find duplicates
Advanced searches
Saved searches
Use AND/OR/NOT commands
Workflow Management
Login-free access
Access to external clients or employers
Workflow automation
Version Control
Core Specialization
Document Management
Metadata Management
Multilingual Capabilities
import files and data from CSV
Drag and Drop Uploading
Import filters
Import/upload your folder structure and media in bulk
Import/Export tags
Content Types
MS Office
Install plugins
Analyze catalog
Multiple catalogs
Core features
Tag approval
Special tools for quick tagging
Batch tagging
Automatic tagging by metadata
Automatic AI tagging
Content & Accident Protection
File recovery and version history
Data Archiving
Productivity and sharing tools
Full text search
Team Management
Company-managed groups
See all metadata inside a selected file
Reading/writing tags metadata
Automatic syncing of indexing data
Support for writing of metadata to100+ media formats
Import data from standalone photo management systems
native metadata
Version Control
Manual or automatic backups
Support for Active Directory
Easy role management
Password management
Works with large image libraries
Patch management
Track License expiration
Automatic backup
Track asset usage
Granular access permissions
database on a backend
Media Library Consistency
Taxonomy protection
Waiting room
Lock taxonomy editing
Grant read only access for some users
Relinking folders
Relinking assets
Reflecting for outside file system changes automatically
Catalog optimizing
Access to external clients or employers
Replication of Multiple Daminion Server instances
Monitor server status
Default UI settings for end users
Low learning curve for end users
Super easy client updates
Super-easy deployment
Can work behind your firewall
Works on all platforms
Available as Cloud and On-premises versions
Daminion DAM Content Management Features

Daminion DAM Pricing

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