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Erply POS converts any iPad, desktop or any other device with Internet browser to a full-fledged POS system that can manage inventory, process transactions and manage business activities.  The software connects the main device to receipt printers, credit card swipers, cash drawers etc. Along wi...

  • Point Of Sale (Free)
  • Inventory for E-Commerce
  • Inventory + Retail POS
  • Franchise & Chain
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Erplyn has a set of amazing functions that only improve as our company grows

This program helped me adapt my point of sale and inventory management to fit my company’s needs. The customer service is also great, I can tell that they sincerely want to help. I appreciate that a lot. Erply boasts a set of features that will let you customize it any way you want to. Its back-end interface is more complex compared to similar software. But then again, that’s expected due to how robust Erply is.

LOVE that Erply can scan bar codes. It's defintiely a unique POS platform

Erply is an excellent POS. We couldn’t imagine not using it. Erply is one of the best POS in the market. It offers a weighted code reader feature, which is not used by other POS. Changing prices of the products is a breeze. The inventory process uses different windows at the same time, which is pretty confusing.

Shopify POS is a shopping platform which facilitates online sales, in store sales and any other type of sales. Shopify provides a professional storefront on the internet, a payment terminal to accept credit cards and a POS solution for retail sales. Shopify POS is suited for all types of businesses ...

  • Basic Shopify
  • Shopify
  • Advanced Shopify
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not available
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This is perfect software for smaller businesses. I think it’s the best app in the market. Sometimes the shipping information is not correct.

Shopify has very impressive plugins and themes.

Shopify is an excellent solution for creating an online store. Shopify is a good solution for creating an online store. They provide various plugins which they refer to as apps. These apps provide real value for money as they are less costly with the most benefits. There is a free plan provided by most of them. When compared to WordPress(WooCommerce) it is easier to understand it. The themes are very impressive and some are free. Moreover, they also provide lots of material for beginners. I learned most of the things about Shopify through this. Managing the store is easy through this free app. Another added advantage of Shopify when compared to WordPress with WooCommerce is that these apps are available for iOS and Android too. Also, the users get user coupons for advertising and Google Adwords provided a coupon of $200 USD when I had used it once previously. The customer service is also excellent whether through phone, chat Twitter, or email. The representatives are very knowledgeable and well trained and provide answers to almost all queries. The service is round the clock and they are prompt in providing the service. Shopify deducts 2% on the overall transactions whenever Shopify Payments is not being used by the user.