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Dossier Fleet Maintenance software is designed to help you get the most from your vehicle and personnel assets. Whether your current focus is on the maximizing productivity or minimizing expenses, you can rely on Dossier Fleet Maintenance to help you transform your organization’s status quo in...

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Straightforward and reliable.

Dossier is a fantastic product that can track the repairs and preventive maintenance of your fleet. Dossier allows us to be able to track preventive maintenance and repairs quickly. It also has a daily report feature, which is extremely helpful. Changing the permissions for my employees is quite confusing sometimes.

Great tool for fleet management.

Easy to use and reliable. Amazing tool for managing repairs/maintenance of your fleet. Compatibility depends on your company network set up. The advanced features are hard to learn and understand.

Let's face it, for all the different ways to track fleet effectiveness, fleet management boils down to one thing: vehicle up time. You can have the most optimized routes and the slickest fuel card integration system, but if your vehicles aren’t on the road, they’re costing you money. RTA...

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Excellent company and customer support

This app is very easy to use. Reports generated are very useful. Customer support is excellent. Every customer need is taken care of and all needs are updated. The software can be loaded in such places too where there is no problem of slow servers or working with an IT department that is overloaded an nd cannot understand the software The only drawback is keeping pace with the changes. We have been using this app for 15 years and it sometimes becomes difficult to make changes according to the upgrades when we are already used to the old methods.

Simple and straightforward

Easy and affordable. The functionality is great. Easy to understand and use. It is very expensive software.