Accounting Software for Small Business

What is the Best Accounting Software for Small Business?

Accounting software for small businesses is a vital tool for streamlining financial processes, saving time, and ensuring accuracy in financial management. These feature-rich solutions cater specifically to the needs of small enterprises, making accounting tasks more manageable and efficient.

  • Financial Tracking: One of the core features is the ability to track income and expenses. Users can record transactions, categorize expenses, and monitor cash flow in real time, helping to maintain a clear financial picture.
  • Invoicing and Billing: Many accounting software packages offer customizable invoice templates, automated payment reminders, and online payment options to improve cash flow.
  • Bank Reconciliation: Accounting software can automatically sync with your bank, reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Small business owners can make informed decisions with detailed financial reports and analytics. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are often pre-built, simplifying performance evaluation.
  • Tax Compliance: Ensure accurate tax calculations and generate tax-ready reports. This is invaluable come tax season, reducing the risk of costly mistakes.
  • Data Security: Protect sensitive financial information with secure encryption and data backup features, ensuring the safety of your business data.
  • Integration: Many accounting software platforms offer integrations with other business tools, such as CRM systems, payroll, and e-commerce platforms.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, your accounting software can scale with you, accommodating more transactions and users.

Accounting software for small businesses simplifies financial management, enhances accuracy, and improves decision-making, making it an invaluable asset for any small business owner.

Top 10 Accounting Software for Small Business

FreeAgent / Phonexa / NetSuite / SutiProcure / SAP S/4HANA / Patriot Accounting / Sage / Aquilon Software / QuickBooks Accounting / Aptean

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Starting Price:$24 per user / per month
FreeAgent is an accounting solution that’s specially designed for the needs of small businesses. Whether it’s automatically scanning photographs of receipts, or keeping track of daily cash flow, FreeAgent ensures consistency and accuracy for robust financial management.
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Starting Price:$100 per user / per month
Phonexa is an enterprise-grade tracking software for performance and partner marketing designed to tie revenue back to campaigns, channels, publishers, and networks through marketing attribution. Its functionalities are ideal for improving digital marketing campaigns, especially in affiliate marketi...
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Starting Price:N/A
Oracle's NetSuite is the world's #1 cloud ERP solution. This ERP provides over 40,000 organizations worldwide with a modern, scalable, and unified platform to streamline all crucial back-office processes, from financial management and planning, to warehouse and fulfillment, and beyond. With built-in...
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Starting Price:$2 per user / per month
SutiProcure is a versatile cloud-based procurement software that caters to businesses of all sizes, while offering a range of benefits that help businesses streamline their procurement processes and improve efficiency:  
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Starting Price:N/A
Developed by the German company SAP SEP, SAP Enterprise Resource Planning software is a robust business management solution that incorporates all operational aspects within an organization under a single integrated system. As of 2015, it is the world’s most widely used enterprise application s...
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Patriot Accounting
Starting Price:$20 per user / per month
Patriot Software is a trusted name in the HR, Payroll, and Accounting industry and their top notch business software is well regarded and heavily adopted across companies of all types and sizes in the US. Patriot Accounting offers an accounting solution to help American businesses manage their finan...
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Starting Price:$7.5 per user / per month
The Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a powerful cloud financial management solution built on the Salesforce platform for small and mid-sized businesses who need powerful accounting, robust analytics and accurate reporting to lead, manage and grow their business.    
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Aquilon Software
Starting Price:$175 per user / per month
Aquilon Software stands out as an ideal Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for small to mid-sized businesses, especially in the manufacturing and distribution sectors. Its key strengths include:
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QuickBooks Accounting

QuickBooks Accounting

Starting Price:$0 per user / per month
QuickBooks, powered by Intuit, is an accounting software that is designed to fit the accounting needs of small and mid-sized companies. QuickBooks offers an array of tools and features that can be customized to fit the exact needs of your business. 
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Starting Price:N/A
Aptean Enterprise Resource Planning Software is a product of the Aptean Corporation, a company formed in 2012 after the merging of CDC Software and Consona Corp. The highly customizable ERP solution is designed on a flexible framework that incorporates finance, manufacturing, and distribution functi...
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