The Five Must Haves of Attended Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA), also known as unattended automation, has been widely embraced on a global scale in sectors as varied as telecom, financial services, government, and retail. Automating repetitive or routine tasks is now a common solution for streamlining and optimizing back-office business processes. 

While unattended automation is designed to drive productivity, measured in handle time and efficiency KPIs, attended automation expands the impact of automation to include boosting employee potential and increasing customer engagement. 

Read this guide from NICE to learn how this shift is reflected in more strategic KPIs like first contact resolution, training time, employee retention, customer experience, compliance, and upsells.

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What is a CRM Call Center?

What is a CRM Call Center?

Learn more about what a CRM call center is and discover the benefits of using CRM and contact center software together to achieve your customer experience goals.
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