Digital Channels in the Contact Center: A Paradigm Shift for Performance and Quality

Today’s contact centers are becoming increasingly digital and omnichannel, and have incorporated many new digital channels that transform the way agents are working and being managed. Many contact centers are in the process of shifting their infrastructure to support better self-serve tools and onboarding digital channels that give customers greater choice over their service and support interactions. However, more channels mean more complexity and adds new barriers in terms of measuring the quality and performance of each interaction. Research has shown how the effect of digital transformation has left many agents feeling less engaged, with a greater amount of cognitive load to contend with, and higher instances of burnout.

This report from NICE aims to ask and answer the key questions around the true state of digital transformation in contact centers today.

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What is a CRM Call Center?

What is a CRM Call Center?

Learn more about what a CRM call center is and discover the benefits of using CRM and contact center software together to achieve your customer experience goals.
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