Best Networking Vendors for Small Business

Best Networking Vendors for Small Business

Sifting through networking options for small business purposes requires patience and a keen eye attuned to a company’s needs. And with so many vendors and options available on the market, it’s easier than ever to select the most efficient and cost-effective technologies. This article will identify some of the best networking vendors in the current market and help you in choosing the right networking solutions for your business.

Using computer networking is highly practical in a business environment, particularly for smaller-sized companies that often have tight resources with which to work with ( Networks enable computers within a location to operate through a single broadband Internet connection. This shared usage is one of the biggest cost-reducers of computer networking. Files and important software tools can be shared amongst the computers, making it easier for employees to be productive. Wireless networking options and advanced security features are also available.

Netgear is one of the most popular vendors of computer networking options for small businesses. Products such as managed switches and both wired and wireless VPN firewalls have made it popular with companies looking to multitask due to restrictions in budget or size. ReadyNAS, Netgear’s storage hardware line, has been expanded to include ReadyNAS Vault, an online backup tool. Backup is handled through integration and acts as a fail-safe should the computer network fail or shut down unexpectedly.

LinkSys, a subsidiary of Cisco, is a main competitor of Netgear. It also offers a wide range of home and small business networking solutions. From VoIP equipment to AV products, the LinkSys line also features routers, Ethernet switching, and storage systems, among other available tools. The Network Media Hub, for example, enables digital media files to be shared across a network.

D-Link is another popular vendor of networking equipment. Products like switches, wireless tools for business, and security systems have positioned it as a leader in the market. Its D-Link Green is considered a trailblazer in environmental development. D-Link Green is a power-saving technology targeted at unmanaged switches. It works by turning off any unused ports and reducing power to ports that have been idle for prespecified periods of time. Additionally, one of D-Link’s newest products is Boxee Box, created with popular media-streaming company Boxee. D-Link provides the hardware in conjunction with the Boxee software.

There are many popular vendors to choose from when selecting a computer networking solution for your small business. Computer networking saves money, time, and increases the productivity of employees.

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