Anti-Virus Software Won't Protect Your Business

Anti-Virus Software Won't Protect Your Business

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In today’s era of sophisticated hacks and with unprecedented levels of cybercrime and data breaches occurring, anti-virus software (while necessary) is simply not enough to fully protect your business from threats and data loss.


Anti-virus software works to protect individual devices (such as laptops and desktops) from viruses, malware, and known online threats that can attack and disable your machines. These software programs are absolutely necessary for securing devices, but they only protect the device where they’re installed. Even though this type of software is designed to protect your devices from known viruses and malware, but hackers are clever and always thinking of new ways to infiltrate systems and compromise data security. And there's always new types of hacks and threats popping up... 

Anti-virus software is a great level of protection for your personal computers and laptops, and while you should also have an anti-virus solution installed on your business devices, it won’t provide the more encompassing protections you need for keeping your business network, mobile devices, and data totally safe from all the threats.

To fully protect your company and secure all the data you keep for conducting your business and interacting with customers and clients, you need a more advanced protections than anti-virus software provides. 

Security Software You’ll be Hearing More About

The individuality of your business and the unique nature of your company’s infrastructure will define what types of security software you need to protect your business, including:

  • Malware protections and mitigation
  • Firewall protection
  • Data encryption, backup, and loss prevention
  • Access control
  • And more…

It’s worth doing an in-depth security and risk analysis of your business to help you determine which protections you need and decide which software options will provide you with the best level of threat prevention and protection. Some security software solutions are available in suites of tools while others are available as stand alone system you can integrate into your business for specific protections your business needs. 

Here are several key security software categories that you’ll be hearing about more and more in 2020.

Endpoint Security Software

If you use a lot of mobile or remote devices in your business or have hardware that needs to connect with your network regularly, then endpoint security software is an essential for protecting your business and minimizing the entry points for threat and fraud. 

Endpoint security solutions work by controlling access to your network from endpoints such as:

  • Laptops
  • Mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)
  • Wireless printers
  • POS systems
  • Barcode scanners
  • Etc…

This type of software uses certain criteria to define what devices and systems can access your network. These protocols work to ensure that only authorized and secure endpoints gain entry, and if an unknown or unauthorized device is seeking access to your network, the software should catch and block it to keep your network safe. This software functions in real-time and can be monitored by system admins as well. 

Unified Threat Management (UTM) Software

Unified Threat Management (UTM) software centers around a firewall that mitigates threats and protects against a host of issues including:

  • Malware
  • Spam
  • Intrusions

UTM software also helps with:

  • Monitoring content
  • Controlling apps
  • Load control and management
  • Web filtering
  • Reporting

UTM software is a popular choice for small to mid-level companies since it provides a lot of different monitoring and protections in one comprehensive software package. 

Data Loss Prevention Software

Data loss due to system breaches can be devastating to a business, from both financial and customer trust standpoints. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software monitors data access to control access and prevent data loss and increase the integrity of your business data, whether it’s in use at the moment or not. 

DLP software often also provides data backup services and with the specific intent or preventing data loss and breaches, monitors:

  • Endpoints
  • Network entry points
  • Databases
  • Data storage
  • Network drives
  • And more…

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