AI for the Contact Center

Contact center leaders want to avoid operational problems at all costs, and while there’s a rush to adopt new technologies like AI, there’s an inclination to focus on the most immediate issue. In most cases, this means focusing on automation, primarily to reduce costs, and this is where chatbots come into the picture. There’s nothing wrong with that picture, especially if the contact center is still viewed as a cost center within the organization, in which case, AI applications will be tactical rather than strategic.AI technology can be highly beneficial for streamlining operations, improving customer experience, and is the next level of innovation impacting the contact center. 

Read this new whitepaper from NICE to learn how AI is being used in the Contact Center beyond just chatbots and determine how AI can improve your operations.

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Call Tracking Software: How to Get More Conversions

Call Tracking Software: How to Get More Conversions

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