1. Frees your IT personnel

Without self-service BI, your IT team will be left to fetch data every time a team member requests it. Requirements vary and depending on how intricate they are, they will consume a lot of time, energy, and resources on the part of your IT department to present the data.

With self-service BI, your team has an interactive dashboard that they can command at the click of a button, to provide data based on unlimited parameters. This can take a large burden off your IT team’s shoulders, as fetching data is purely administrative - and help them focus on more strategic aspects of your business.




2. Makes your professionals independent

While the speed of fetching data has significantly increased and made work easier for IT, your team members receive many more benefits beyond just fast turnaround times. They now have the power to filter data however they need to, which in turn gives them exactly the stats they need. This leads to increased satisfaction rates amongst your team members.

What’s more, they can now also make data-driven decisions just as fast - which gives your business the edge to constantly stay ahead in your industry, and differentiate your business from your competitors.

3. Creates infinite ways to present data

Owing to interactive dashboards, user-friendly navigation and limitless options to organize your data, anybody in your team (including less tech-savvy individuals) can make use of your self-service BI platform.

This makes it a versatile item to have on a companywide scale, no doubt. With the ability to customize results comes the added advantage of efficient and accurate information, empowering your team further to research, analyze and improve what you’re doing to further the success of your business as a whole.

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