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Litmos Reviews & Overview

What is Litmos?

The most powerful software imaginable is useless if its learning curve is so high that no one ever gets to make use of it. Seems simple, but how do you know which LMS software packages are truly intuitive without taking the time to learn and use each of them? One way is to look at what an LMS system’s existing users have to say.

In 2016 Litmos LMS was ranked number one in customer satisfaction by G2 Crowd. No other learning management solution can make that claim, and if you’re ready to roll out an LMS implementation, you should look carefully at the ease of use of any systems under consideration.

When the CallidusCloud team sat down to create a learning management system, they knew that the key to building a successful tool is to make it simple to use without sacrificing power or restricting options. With over three million users developing and training on the Litmos LMS platform, many with major companies and household names such as YouTube, Samsung, Coca-Cola, and Sears, it’s clear that the development team behind Litmos has hit that goal, and continued to push the envelope.

Litmos LMS is a cloud-based learning system, available to learners from any computer, tablet, or smart-phone with internet access. With a white-label option to customize the platform for your organization’s branding, you can distribute your content while reinforcing your company ID.

And Litmos is shockingly easy to use. Many LMS software packages make learners jump through a series of hoops in order to progress through a series of courses. This distracts the learners, making it harder for them to retain the course material. The Litmos LMS platform is able to engage your trainees and customers in an intuitive fashion, developing their knowledge base without putting the roadblock of a clunky interface in their way. 


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Pros & Cons Preview
  • We can offer the training we want with a quick set up.
  • Employee compliance monitoring is made easy through their performance tracking within the system.
  • Quite bulky design and translates poorly across devices, unavailability of anticipated features, and a few parts of the software aren't intuitive.

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