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What is NowMD?

NowMD is an advanced Medical Insurance Billing software published by Inborne Technology Corporation. The software is designed for adoption in diverse healthcare setup and supports billing and revenue collection both electronically and by paper. It also supports specialized electronic claim forms for professional medical claims, pregnancy, anesthesia, ambulance, optical/vision, chiropractic, medicare, medicaid, family planning, physical therapy and physician-administered drug therapy with National Drug Code(s). The software operates on fast and reliable technologies and is independent of runtime modules such as .NET and Java which have tendencies of slowing down computers and causing redundancies. The application is ICD-10 compliant and compatible with latest Windows Operating System.


NowMD Medical Insurance utilizes a stable performance-oriented client/server database which allow user information sharing on networks and simplifies network setup by allowing software components to discover and establish database connection regardless of the host PC. For small practices, with less than 10 network users, the application does not require Windows Server OS hence reducing capital cost of installation.

The system features an auto-backup running module which creates daily data backups and can be directed to removable hard drives or a web-based backup service for ultimate data safety.

While most Medical Billing publishers boost of cloud-based models being more advanced and more reliable model of hosting systems, NowMD is an outstanding in-office software providing the subscriber with complete control of data, complete control of electronic claims forms with capabilities to send them to any clearing house. The In-office software adoption model also is a cost effective model in the long run. Users are only required to make once-in-a-lifetime payment of the software and all the licenses unlike the monthly subscriptions for many cloud-based systems which are expensive in the long run. It also does not rely on internet reliability which can cause work stall when it goes down in cloud-based models. 

Company:Inborne Technology Corporation

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NowMD Medical Practice Management
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NowMD Key Features

Service Terms Offered
  • Commitment Free
  • Free Setup
  • Free Cancellation
  • Month-to-Month Option
  • Customizable Plans
  • Reduced Price for Multiple Users
Support Features
  • FAQs Section
  • Telephone Support
  • Email Support
  • Online Chat
  • In-Person Training
  • Social Media
  • Knowledge Base
Supported Devices
  • Tablet
  • Touchscreens
  • Desktop
  • iPad
  • Card Reader
  • Fingerprint Sensor
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