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NCR Silver Reviews & Overview

What is NCR Silver?

NCR Corporation has been offering services for the retail sector for more than a hundred years. NCR Silver is a comparatively new solution from the NCR stable, designed to assist small and independent retails in their mobile point of sale requirements. NCR Silver POS also serves restaurants, cafes, food trucks, service providers and vape shops. The solution is high on user friendliness and is quite intuitive. With NCR Silver, retailers can track customers and sell not only through regular POS touchscreen terminals but also using Apple’s devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. NCR Silver provides tools for tracking sales activities, measuring marketing effort and leveraging social media.

Key Features

  • Marketing: Marketing and social media features help retailers to stay connected to their customers. Retailers can create custom messages about different offers, deals, specials, etc.
  • Mobility: The mobility feature ensures that users can collect payment immediately on their mobile device anywhere, from a guest’s dinner table or a customer’s home. This feature is of great use for retailers who sell door to doors, at events or trade shows. In addition, they can add a barcode scanner or stripe reader to their Apple device.
  • Payment Processing: With NCR Silver, retailers can choose any credit card processing company. NCR has partnered with most credit card processing companies and payment gateways such as Elavon, Bantiv,  First Data, Mercury Payment Systems, and many more. The type of payments that can be processed depends on the processor that the retailer uses. NCR has the hardware to process Chip, PIN cards and also give print receipts.
  • Management Tools: The back office module of NCR Silver provides highly advanced management tools which can be accessed through a web browser. Leveraging the dashboard, retailers can run sales reports, monitor inventory and track employee work hours. The solution makes it easy to manage multiple stores.
  • Customer Management: Customer management becomes easy with NCR Silver. The solutions collects customer information and uses it to improve customer experience. Email marketing features helps to send targeted and timely emails to customers.

NCR Silver provides 24x7 support, 365 days of the year, on the phone and online.

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NCR Silver Pricing

NCR Silver - POS
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NCR Silver Key Features

Support Features
  • 24/7 Support
Sales Management Features
  • Real-Time Dashboard
Customer Management Features
  • Customer Loyalty Program
Store Management Features
  • Inventory management
Multiple Branch Support
  • Yes
  • Scanner
  • Receipt Printer
  • Pole Display
  • Scale
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NCR Silver Reviews

Pros & Cons Preview
  • Installing is easy, good tech support-fast, available, and helpful.
  • Lack of detail in the mobile app.
  • Suitable for seeing the day’s sales only.

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