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Meditab Reviews & Overview

What is Meditab?

Meditab EHR is a dual certified EHR solution that is built to meet the requirements of FQHCs (Federally Qualified Health Centers) and of Ambulatory Health practices. The solution caters to health services of all sizes and focuses on improving patient care and efficiency at the clinic. The solution caters to 24 different specialties and their sub-specialties and comes with a large number of specialty-specific templates that can still be customized to meet the requirements of individual practices. An expert team is kept available to handle any specific customer. Perhaps that is why the solution claims a 99.8% customer retention rate. 

Key Features

The Meditab EHR solution is available in various versions to give clinics more deployment options: both cloud-based and on-premise solutions are available. With a cloud-based solution, users have the added option of accessing patient data from anywhere they may be, using their laptops, tablets or smartphones.

The solution caters to 24 different specialties. It offers a generic solution as well as customized ones to better serve the covered specialties.

The e-prescription module is comprehensive and connects to a very large number of pharmacies (currently claimed to be 85% in the country). A built-in dosing calculator ensures correct dosage while reducing physician workload. The system can also print prescriptions when specifically required. The module for e-prescription of controlled substances is especially robust and ensures proper security, identity proofing procedures, digital signatures and complete audit capabilities.

Meditab EHR offers excellent two-way communication capabilities with a number of different entities to ensure fast flow of information and smooth operations. It allows secure two-way communication links with labs and pharmacies and has real-time checks for insurance verification.

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Meditab Key Features

Medical Practice Management Features
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Procedure Codes
Patient Management
  • Treatment Planning
  • Discharge Planning
  • Transition Care Management (TCM)
  • Patient Referral Management
  • Patient Education Tools
  • Refills Processing
  • Send to Pharmacy
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