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Getty Images Overview

What is Getty Images?

Getty Images is a user-friendly visual content platform that offers a collection of stock images, editorial images, stock footage, and illustrations that users can license and download. Generative AI by Getty Images, powered by a custom Machine Learning (ML) model from NVIDIA, is a creative platform where users can leverage Generative AI technology and an extensive database of images and videos to create, refine, and customize their own unique images. This AI Image Generator is trained specifically on Getty Images’ large database of stock photos, videos, and illustrations so that users can generate and modify images using details and instructions in text prompts.

Key Features and Capabilities Offered by Getty Images

  • Search & Download Stock Images: Getty Images offers a large database of stock imagery that users can purchase and download for use in blogs, web content, marketing materials, and other creative projects.
  • AI Image Generation: Generative AI by Getty Images offers Text-to-Image technology that enables users to create customized images from the ideas and parameters provided in a text prompt.
  • AI Image Editing: Users can edit, resize, and refine images produced via generative AI to customize imagery to their needs and specifications.
  • AI Image Downloads & Licensing: Getty Images offers complimentary downloads and licensing for AI-generated images and ensures that custom images are never made available for general use.
  • API: Getty Images offers an API developers can use to generate and implement custom images.

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Getty Images Key Features

Supported Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Generative AI
Generative AI Models
  • Text-to-Image
  • Text-to-Video
File Management
  • Image Editing
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