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DocuSign Overview

What is DocuSign?

Since its establishment in 2003, DocuSign has been at the forefront of accelerating business processes and simplifying life for companies and individuals globally. As a pioneer in e-signature technology, DocuSign revolutionizes how organizations prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements through its comprehensive platform, known as the DocuSign Agreement Cloud.

At the heart of DocuSign's offerings is eSignature, recognized as the world's leading electronic signing solution. With eSignature, users can conveniently sign documents electronically on virtually any device, from anywhere, at any time. By replacing legacy paper-based agreement processes, DocuSign eliminates the inefficiencies, high costs, and potential errors associated with manual workflows. Instead, it automates and integrates the signing process seamlessly with existing business systems, enhancing productivity and connectivity.

DocuSign's versatility is evident in its extensive integration capabilities, boasting over 350 prebuilt connections with popular business applications. Furthermore, its powerful API empowers users to embed and connect DocuSign with their websites, mobile apps, and custom workflows, facilitating a tailored and efficient signing experience.

The security of documents and transactions is a top priority for DocuSign. The platform employs advanced encryption technology, safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring that documents are signed only by authorized parties. DocuSign also complies with international e-signature laws and regulations, providing users with peace of mind and legal validity.

With over 500,000 paying customers worldwide, including prominent technology, pharmaceutical, financial services companies, and numerous government agencies, DocuSign has become the trusted choice for streamlining document processes. Its impact spans various industries, enabling seamless remote work transitions, accelerating business transactions, and enhancing collaboration.


DocuSign Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 17 August 2023

Very stable and secure

We have implemented DocuSign across 2 government customer sites, and 1 private customer site. With its stability and useful features, it has proven to be a valuable asset in our quest for digital transformation.

  • The solution is incredibly stable
  • If I plan the upgrade well, it's just a matter of a few clicks
  • Backups are also available easily in case you lose your data.
  • My experience with the DocuSign Support team was not entirely positive
  • When I encountered a technical issue related to the software, it took nearly a month to get it resolved.

Reviewed on 17 August 2023

Great product

Facilitates the creation of quote templates, further easing the signing process.

  • I enjoyed the user-friendly experience and its seamless integration capabilities with various other products.
  • There's nothing I dislike.

DocuSign Pricing

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DocuSign Key Features

Signature Management
  • Digital Signatures
  • In-Person Signatures
  • Sign Yourself
  • Signer Delegation
  • Signing Order
Signature Types
  • Hand-Drawn Signatures
  • Typed Signatures
  • Image Signatures
File Management
  • Document Display
  • Document Commenting
  • Document Locking
  • Files Repository
  • File Sharing
  • Notarization
  • Digital Forms
DocuSign Features Details

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DocuSign Wheelhouse Score

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The Average Wheelhouse score for the Digital Signature category is 9.1

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  • Setup & Support
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